Project management

Project management,

Definition of Project management:

  1. Project management involves the planning and organization of a company's resources to move a specific task, event, or duty towards completion. It can involve a one-time project or an ongoing activity, and resources managed include personnel, finances, technology, and intellectual property.

  2. The body of knowledge concerned with principles, techniques, and tools used in planning, control, monitoring, and review of projects.

  3. Project management is often associated with fields in engineering and construction and, more lately, health care and information technology (IT), which typically have a complex set of components that have to be completed and assembled in a set fashion to create a functioning product.

How to use Project management in a sentence?

  1. On a very basic level, project management includes the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing of a project.
  2. I enjoyed being in charge of the construction project at our church because I am very proficient in project management .
  3. Many different types of project management methodologies and techniques exist, including traditional, waterfall, agile, and lean.
  4. If someone wants to control all aspects of a build they need to be very highly involved in the project management .
  5. I went back to school to get a certificate degree in project management , hoping that this would lead to a promotion and/or a raise at work.
  6. Project management is used across industries and is an important part of the success of construction, engineering, and IT companies.

Meaning of Project management & Project management Definition

Project Management,

Project Management: What is the Meaning of Project Management?

  1. Project management involves planning the company's resources and managing to perform a specific task, event or task. It can be a single project or ongoing activity. Organized resources include people, finance, technology and intellectual property.

    • At the most basic level, project management involves project planning, start-up, implementation, monitoring and final planning.
    • There are many methods and techniques of project management, including traditional, cascading, agile and lean talk.
    • Project management is used in all industries and is an integral part of the success of construction, engineering and IT companies.

  2. The process of managing and planning a successful project from start to finish, including briefing, organization, resource management, people, budget, etc. See project management.

Literal Meanings of Project Management


Meanings of Project:
  1. Individual or collaborative efforts carefully planned to achieve a specific goal.

  2. Government subsidized housing with relatively low prices.

  3. Estimates or forecasts based on current trends or statistics (of something)

  4. It spreads out to anything that stands out.

  5. Play or move forward or backward.

  6. Present or promote (show some or images)

  7. Draw straight lines parallel to the center line or through each point (a specific image) to create a suitable image on the surface or line by cutting the surface.

  8. Project on a flat surface (earth, sky, etc.).

Sentences of Project
  1. A research project

  2. His family is still working on the project

  3. The cost was estimated at $ 72 million

  4. I saw a sheet of paper from the book.

  5. The seeds were removed from the tree

  6. A young man is trying to present an image

Synonyms of Project

scheme, plan, plan of action, programme, enterprise, undertaking, venture, activity, operation, campaign, forecast, predict, estimate, calculate, gauge, reckon, expect, extrapolate, stick out, jut out, jut, protrude, extend, stand out, hang over, overhang, bulge out, poke out, lap over


Meanings of Management:
  1. The act of handling or controlling an object or person.

  2. To deceive.

Sentences of Management
  1. Deer herd management

Synonyms of Management

management, running, direction, control, governing, administration, supervision, deceit, deception, duplicity, lying, falseness, falsity, falsehood, untruthfulness