Project Management Protective Liability (PMPL) Insurance

Project Management Protective Liability (PMPL) Insurance,

Project Management Protective Liability (PMPL) Insurance Definition:

Project Management Protective Liability (PMPL) Insurance means: Homeowners and Contractors Protection Insurance Certificate (OCP) designed to meet the optional requirements of the General Terms of Construction Contracts (Document AIA) issued by the American Institute of Architects (A201) in 1997. I had released. This optional requirement was never enforced and was withdrawn when Standard Contract Form A201 was updated in 2007. The standard PMPL notification was later withdrawn.

Meaning of Project Management Protective Liability (PMPL) Insurance: This coverage covers the owners and contractor liability provided by the Insurance Annex (OCP), as well as the indirect responsibility of the general contractor as a client, chief architect or engineer and policyholder at the same time.

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