Definition of Prohibition:

  1. Court order or law that prohibits certain action(s) or prevents exercise of certain powers.

Synonyms of Prohibition

Eighteenth Amendment, Volstead Act, Arrest, Arrestation, Ban, Banning, Bar, Barring, Blockade, Boycott, Check, Circumscription, Constraint, Control, Cooling, Cooling down, Cooling off, Curb, Curtailment, Debarment, Debarring, Deceleration, Demarcation, Determent, Deterrence, Disallowance, Disallowing, Discouragement, Embargo, Estoppel, Exception, Exclusion, Forbiddance, Foreclosure, Forestalling, Halt, Hindrance, Inadmissibility, Inhibition, Injunction, Interdict, Interdicting, Interdiction, Legal restraint, Lockout, Monopoly, Narrowing, Nonadmission, Obviation, Omission, Outlawing, Outlawry, Preclusion, Prevention, Prohibitionism, Proscribing, Proscription, Protection, Protectionism, Protective tariff, Rationing, Rein, Rejection, Relegation, Repudiation, Restraint, Restraint of trade, Restriction, Retardation, Retrenchment, Self-control, Slowing down, Stay, Stop, Stoppage, Stopping, Taboo, Tariff wall, Thought control

Meaning of Prohibition & Prohibition Definition