Definition of Progressive:

  1. Dynamic and forward looking.

  2. Happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.

  3. (of a group, person, or idea) favoring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.

  4. Denoting an aspect or tense of a verb that expresses an action in progress, e.g. am writing, was writing.

  5. (of a card game or dance) involving a series of sections for which participants successively change place or relative position.

  6. Stance more activist than that of a liberal but less than that of a radical.

  7. Each of a set of proofs of color work, showing all the colors separately and the cumulative effect of overprinting them.

  8. A person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.

  9. A progressive tense or aspect.

  10. Engaging in or constituting forward motion.

  11. Characterized by an inclination to change, experiment, and innovate.

Synonyms of Progressive

Innovator, Reformer, Reformist, Liberal, Libertarian, Progressivist, Progressionist, Leftist, Left-winger, Continuing, Continuous, Increasing, Growing, Developing, Ongoing, Intensifying, Accelerating, Escalating, Fabian, A la mode, Advanced, Advancing, Ameliorative, Ascending, Avant-garde, Axial, Back, Back-flowing, Backward, Bettering, Catenary, Consecutive, Contemporary, Continuing, Continuous, Descending, Developing, Down-trending, Downward, Drifting, Dynamic, Extremist, Far out, Fashionable, Flowing, Fluent, Flying, Forward, Forward-looking, Go-ahead, Going, Gradual, Growing, Gyrational, Gyratory, Improving, In, Increasing, Left, Left of center, Left-wing, Left-winger, Leftist, Liberal, Liberalist, Liberalistic, Lineal, Linear, Looking up, Meliorative, Meliorist, Mending, Mod, Modern, Modernistic, Modernized, Modish, Mounting, Moving, Newfashioned, Now, On the left, On the lift, On the mend, Oncoming, Ongoing, Onward, Ordinal, Passing, Plunging, Present-day, Present-time, Proceeding, Progressing, Progressionist, Progressist, Progressivist, Progressivistic, Radical, Reflowing, Refluent, Reformer, Reformist, Regressive, Retrogressive, Revisionist, Revolutionary, Rising, Rotary, Rotational, Rotatory, Running, Rushing, Sequent, Sequential, Serial, Seriate, Sideward, Sinking, Soaring, Step by step, Streaming, Streamlined, Successional, Successive, Twentieth-century, Ultra-ultra, Ultramodern, Up-to-date, Up-to-datish, Up-to-the-minute, Up-trending, Upward, Utopian, Utopist, Way out, Welfare stater, Moving forwards, Moving ahead, Onward, Advancing, Progressing, Progressive

How to use Progressive in a sentence?

  1. A relatively progressive governor.
  2. People tend to present themselves either as progressives or traditionalists on this issue.
  3. One has to say, rather, I am writing a letter, with the progressive aspect.
  4. A progressive decline in popularity.
  5. I watched as the rest of the members of my class whirled around the Sport Hall in a progressive dance called the Oslo.
  6. The present progressive.

Meaning of Progressive & Progressive Definition