Definition of Prognosis:

  1. Estimation or predictions (in the sense of more accurate estimates) of the future development, results or progress of a situation or event based on a careful case assessment. It is possible to estimate the cost of possible outcomes and their effects in terms of money, boredom, discomfort, pain, etc. Finding effective drugs without effective diagnosis is useless.

Synonyms of Prognosis

Verdict, Prefigurement, Prediction, Action, Preshowing, Foreshowing, Presentiment, Omen, Precedent, Cast, Symptom, Prevision, Condemnation, Decree, Foretelling, ■■■■, Apocalypse, Weird, Vaticination, Ruling, Consideration, Presaging, Deliverance, Presage, Dictum, Resolution, Probability, Promise, Guesswork, Award, Sign, Prophecy, Forecasting, Actuarial prediction, Prognostication, Determination, Foresight, Prefiguration, Forecast, Projection, Diagnosis, Foreboding, Pronouncement, Finding, Improbability, Prospectus, Sentence, Speculation, Order, Prefiguring, Prophesying, Prognostic, Presignifying, Soothsay, Decision, Statistical prediction

How to use Prognosis in a sentence?

  1. Jane had a positive diagnosis before going to the hospital, but she is concerned that the diagnosis cannot be guaranteed in any way.
  2. The doctor gave the patient a good diagnosis and said that the leg may heal on its own, without any complications.
  3. After going to the doctor on a ski trip because of my knee pain, he gave me the expected diagnosis that I broke the skeleton when I fell on his slope.

Meaning of Prognosis & Prognosis Definition