PrognoCIS EMR vs eClinicalWorks EMR software


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System 101

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software creates a digital database of patients’ medical records and enables dissemination of accurate information with other practitioners. Most modern EMR systems are equipped with advanced features, like telemedicine, e-prescription, billing mechanism etc., that aid in improving a facility’s operational, clinical and financial performances.

This article draws comparison between two well-recognized and well-trusted EMR systems in the market and then helps you to decide which one is worth your money and time


Based in the silicon valley of California since 2001, PrognoCIS is a complete healthcare IT solution that integrates best practises from an electronic health record, revenue management, practise management and electronic prescriptions. This system works efficiently for both small-scale and large-scale enterprises. This prognocis emr review identifies the system’s best features that may grab your attention.

PrognoCIS EMR Features


PrognoCIS EMR system provides its clients with the feature of telemedicine that makes remote treatment of patients a reality. Patients can receive world class treatment irrespective of their geographical location. This feature is specifically beneficial for patients constrained by lockdown due to Covid-19 or those living in rural areas.

A mobile application solely designed for telemedicine is offered to practitioners which enables them to provide video consultations, access medical records, prescribe medicines and lab tests as well as document hospital rounds. This app can be used with iPhone / iPad and is HIPAA compliant.

Speech Recognition

Our favorite feature in this prognocis emr review is that of medical speech recognition. Through this feature, words spoken appear on the screen. Medical professionals can use this to record notes after consultations, prescribe medications, share messages with other team members and patients.

Once these words are spoken, they are automatically saved in the cloud and users do not have to worry about misspelling the term. Not only does this feature lower the number of clicks when performing a task but also reduces the chances of errors made. Since the system is HIPAA compliant, all words spoken are encrypted to ensure maximum security.

Patient Portal

For the purpose of enhancing relationships between patients and practitioners, PrognoCIS offers a patient portal software and app. This software can be accessed from any device - all is required is an internet connection. Through this portal, patients can schedule appointments, send messages directly to doctors, view test results and see their account statement.

The same portal allows practitioners to send appointment reminders, ask patients to complete forms online and manage claims of patients. Additionally, images and documents can be shared between both the parties without having to worry about the security.

eClinicalWorks EMR

Founded in 1999, eclinicalworks emr software is a one stop shop solution for all your medical software needs. The system provides a mix of advanced features that have been adopted from practise management, patient management, billing mechanism, telemedicine and electronic health record. .

eClinicalWorks EMR Features

The system is fully cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world and with any device

Virtual Assistant

The first of its kind, eClinicalWorks offers its clients Eva which is a virtual assistant. Just like an actual assistant, Eva operates to make the lives of practitioners easier. Users can inquire from Eva about a patient’s progress notes, flow sheet and even his/her account balance.

Eva can also book appointments and compare progress of a patient between consultations. Educational videos can also be accessed through Eva. The virtual assistant is stable enough that it might even diminish the need for an actual assistant.

Revenue Cycle Management

The medical provider offers its users impressive tools to manage its financial function. The software can generate financial statements on a daily, monthly and yearly basis to give a snapshot of the financial health of the company. Moreover, users can manage claims of patients, conduct eligibility checks and maintain follow-up with payers.

Healow App

Another innovative feature, the Healow app acts as a lifestyle and wellness monitor for patients. Blood pressure to weight to sleep can be tracked through this app. The app can be synchronized with a patient’s devices (watches / mobile phones) to keep doctors updated with real-time information.

Final Verdict

Both of these medical softwares are great systems to invest in. This prognocis emr review depicted the system’s advanced features of telemedicine, speech recognition and patient portal. On the other hand, eclinicalworks emr software provides its clients with the features of virtual assistant, revenue management and Healow app. While PrognoCIS EMR offers great facilities with added security, eClinicalWorks EMR provides tech savvy features that greatly improve efficiency.

In the end, your final choice should be based on your system requirements, budget, labor force and level of remote working.