Definition of Profitability:

  1. Status or conditions for financial gain or benefit. It is usually measured in terms of value for money.

How to use Profitability in a sentence?

  1. It was difficult in the early years, but 5 years later the company made a profit.
  2. Some wins may be in jeopardy, but if they do, their pay will be so high that you have to try.
  3. We didn't know we had to start a business because we didn't know if we would be profitable to start.

Meaning of Profitability & Profitability Definition

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Profitability Meanings:

Profitability means, Ability to generate sufficient INCOME to attract and retain investment capital.

Meanings of Profitability

  1. A degree to which there is a financial gain or benefit from a business or activity.

Sentences of Profitability

  1. Profits may not increase until next year.


Profitability means,

  1. Equality in generating enough income to attract and generate investment capital.

Meanings of Profitability

  1. The extent to which a company or activity produces a financial benefit or advantage.