Profit motive

Profit motive,

Definition of Profit motive:

  1. Profit is the intention to generate financial gain in a physical project, transaction or business. The results can also be attributed to the taxpayer or the company doing business.

  2. In economic thought, Adam Smith, in his book The Wealth of Nations, identifies the stimulus for profit as the human tendency to transport, exchange and trade.

  3. The ability to earn more than any price is the reason why most people start and live in the market.

  4. The desire for economic benefits as a driving force for doing business.

How to use Profit motive in a sentence?

  1. While starting a new business poses some risks to people, it is a for-profit movement that allows them to take the necessary responsibility, time and financial investment to achieve business goals.
  2. The results are strong for business partners, so we share their enthusiasm to increase our market share and profits.
  3. Profit incentive refers to the motivation of an individual to engage in activities that bring net economic benefits.
  4. Because of the motivation to win, people are motivated to take risks, innovate and take what they can't.
  5. Profit incentive is also a technical term used by tax authorities to form the basis of tax collection.
  6. When suppliers are no longer profitable, they are no longer customer oriented.
  7. He is interested in the company's profitable goals and strategies that will be used to ensure its success.

Meaning of Profit motive & Profit motive Definition