Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance,

Definition of Professional liability insurance:

  1. Policy that pays damages (up to a stated limit) in negligence related cases of professionals such as accountants, doctors, lawyer.

Meaning of Professional liability insurance & Professional liability insurance Definition



  • It covers professionals in case of negligence and mistakes or errors that have harmed their clients.

  • PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE means, Compensation insurance for professionals, doctors, lawyers, architects, etc. for losses or expenses resulting from personal injury claims that may be attributed to the insurer's professional error, error or mismanagement Is.

  • Insurance of liability to compensate members of the profession, doctors, lawyers, architects, etc. For damages or costs arising from a personal injury claim.

  • Depending on the coverage conditions, professional liability insurance may be available in addition to general liability insurance. The purpose of professional liability insurance is to protect against errors and errors in the provision of professional services.

  • This policy provides liability protection in the event that an employee or company commits a professional error or negligence that may result in personal injury or injury to the customer. This can range from medical malpractice (medical malpractice insurance) to accountant malpractice (E&O insurance) leading to financial loss.

  • PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE definition is: Insurance coverage for the protection of traditional professionals (p. Although there are some exceptions, most professional liability insurance covers financial losses to third parties, unlike personal injury (BI) and property damage (PD). (CGL) Professional liability insurance is issued in the event of an accident with trigger coverage.



  1. An individual who is engaged or qualified in the profession.

  2. A person who engages in a particular activity, especially in the field of sports or performing arts, as a full-time job rather than a hobby.

  3. An individual who is qualified or qualified for a particular job.

  4. Family or work members.

  5. Engaging in activities called core work, not engagement.

  6. Eligible or suitable for competent, experienced or trusted professionals.

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Meanings of LIABILITY:
  1. The state of being responsible for something, especially in accordance with the law.

  2. A person or thing whose presence or behavior may embarrass or harm someone.

Sentences of LIABILITY
  1. Lume l of partners. There are innumerable responsibilities that they understand

  2. Became a political loss

Synonyms of LIABILITY

hindrance, answerability, encumbrance, inconvenience, nuisance, accountability, legal responsibility, responsibility, handicap, burden


Meanings of INSURANCE:
  1. The process or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for some loss, injury, illness or death in exchange for premium payments.

  2. Anything that provides protection against possible emergencies.

Sentences of INSURANCE
  1. Adherence to high standards of personal conduct is the best protection against personal problems.

Synonyms of INSURANCE

shelter, defence, indemnification, preventive measure, safeguard, safety measure, financial protection, indemnity, immunity, security, provision, protection, surety, precaution, cover