Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional Employer Organization (PEO),

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Meanings:

  1. A company that employs the technical staff of many other companies and oversees all staffing functions.

Literal Meanings of Professional Employer Organization (PEO)


Meanings of Professional:
  1. Relevant or professionally relevant.

  2. Engage in a particular activity as a lucrative primary occupation and not as a hobby.

  3. Suitable for competent, qualified or reliable professional.

  4. Someone who is engaged or qualified in a profession.

  5. Someone who does a particular activity, that is, sports, full time and not as a hobby.

  6. Qualified or qualified person in a particular job.

Sentences of Professional
  1. Young professional

  2. Professional boxer

  3. The music is unforgettable and professional.

  4. Professionals such as lawyers and assessors.

  5. Your first season as a pro.

  6. He is very professional on stage.

Synonyms of Professional

salaried, proficient, full-time, stellar, efficient, businesslike, practised, ninja, non-■■■■■■■, expert, trained, master, skilful, maestro, ■■■■■, trooper, slick, old hand, excellent, fine


Meanings of Employer:
  1. The person or organization that employs people.

Synonyms of Employer

chief executive, manageress, proprietor, governor, director, president, sachem, organization, gaffer, company, patron, head woman, firm, managing director, head man, principal, business, padrone, boss man, manager, boss, guv'nor, manufacturer, skipper


Meanings of Organization:
  1. A group of people is organized for a specific purpose, for example, a company or a ministry.

  2. The process of organizing something.

Sentences of Organization
  1. Conference organization

Synonyms of Organization

concern, structuring, federation, management, institution, arrangement, coalition, assembling, planning, running, syndicate, alliance, logistics, group, society, confederation, movement, confederacy, league, operation, company, network, coordination, outfit, association, corporation, organizing, regulation, firm, combine