Products-completed Operations

Products-completed Operations,

Products-completed Operations Meanings:

  • One of the risks usually covered by general liability insurance. This includes liability for the insured product or liability for commercial activities outside the insured's premises immediately upon completion or interruption of the activity.

  • Definition of Products-completed Operations: General Liability Insurance for liability arising from insured products or commercial activities insured products or commercial activities after completion of this activity

Literal Meanings of Products-completed Operations


Meanings of Products:
  1. An item or substance that is ready or improved for sale.

  2. An object or person that is the result of an action or action.

  3. Quantities obtained by multiplying quantities or similar algebraic operations.

Sentences of Products
  1. the meal

  2. Your everlasting tan is a solarium product

  3. The total claimed in the service order is 63 hours, and the amount charged is a product of the amount which is many times the current rate.

Synonyms of Products

object, thing, item, unit, artefact, piece of merchandise, commodity, product, result, consequence, outcome, effect, upshot, fruit, by-product, spin-off, legacy, issue


Meanings of Completed:
  1. All necessary or appropriate parts.

  2. (Often used for emphasis) Most or all.

  3. Stop or do

  4. Identify the elements needed to make (some) complete or complete.

Sentences of Completed
  1. Complete list of courses offered by the university

  2. A complete ban on smoking

  3. PhD in 1993

  4. Complete the collection of the brightest gardening magazine in the UK

Synonyms of Completed

absolute, out-and-out, utter, total, real, outright, downright, thoroughgoing, thorough, positive, proper, veritable, prize, perfect, consummate, unqualified, unmitigated, sheer, rank, finished, ended, concluded, completed, finalized, accomplished, achieved, fulfilled, discharged, settled, done


Meanings of Operations:
  1. Actions to stay active or genuine.

  2. Surgical intervention in patients.

  3. Organizational activities involving multiple people.

  4. The process by which numbers, quantities, impressions, etc. Manipulation according to modified or regular rules, such as addition, multiplication and subtraction

Sentences of Operations
  1. The limited role of market forces

  2. I haven't felt better since my bypass surgery.

  3. Rescue operation

  4. Problems can be created that include all the math additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.

Synonyms of Operations

functioning, working, running, performance, action, behaviour, surgery, surgical operation, surgical intervention, major surgery, minor surgery, activity, exercise, affair, business, undertaking, step, enterprise, task, job