Definition of Productivity:

  1. A measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs.

    Productivity is computed by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resources (capital, energy, material, personnel) consumed in that period. Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency.

  2. The state or quality of producing something, especially crops.

Synonyms of Productivity

Abundance, Amperage, Amplitude, Armipotence, Authority, Beef, Black power, Bountifulness, Brute force, Charge, Charisma, Cloud of words, Clout, Cogence, Cogency, Compulsion, Copiousness, Creativeness, Creativity, Diffuseness, Diffusion, Diffusiveness, Dint, Drive, Duress, Effect, Effectiveness, Effectuality, Effusion, Effusiveness, Energy, Extravagance, Exuberance, Fecundity, Fertile mind, Fertility, Flower power, Fluency, Force, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Formlessness, Fructiferousness, Fruitfulness, Full blast, Full force, Generousness, Gush, Gushing, Influence, Ingenuity, Invention, Inventiveness, Logorrhea, Lushness, Luxuriance, Macrology, Main force, Main strength, Mana, Might, Might and main, Mightiness, Moxie, Muscle power, Originality, Outpour, Overflow, Palilogy, Pizzazz, Plenteousness, Plentifulness, Pleonasm, Poop, Potence, Potency, Potentiality, Power, Power pack, Power structure, Power struggle, Powerfulness, Pregnancy, Pregnant imagination, Prepotency, Procreativeness, Prodigality, Productive capacity, Productiveness, Profuseness, Profusion, Prolificacy, Prolificity, Puissance, Pull, Punch, Push, Rampancy, Rankness, Redundancy, Reiteration, Reiterativeness, Repetition for effect, Repetitiveness, Richness, Sinew, Steam, Strength, Strong arm, Superabundance, Superfluity, Superflux, Superiority, Superpower, Swarmingness, Talkativeness, Tautology, Teeming imagination, Teeming womb, Teemingness, Tirade, Validity, Vehemence, Vigor, Vim, Virility, Virtue, Virulence, Vitality, Wattage, Weight

How to use Productivity in a sentence?

  1. The productivity of the individual was unmatched in the department so we decided to keep him during the lay offs.
  2. My company was doing great in the area of productivity and we were selling more than we had initially even though.
  3. Knowing the productivity levels of all of your employees will help you to figure out who to keep and who to let go.
  4. The long-term productivity of land.

Meaning of Productivity & Productivity Definition