Definition of Productivity:

  1. A measure of the performance of a person, machine, factory, system, etc. Convert input to useful output.

    Production capacity is calculated by dividing the average output by the total costs or resources used (capital, energy, equipment, staff) during the period. Productivity is the main factor of profit.

  2. The condition or characteristic of production, of plants.

Synonyms of Productivity

Mightiness, Validity, Palilogy, Ingenuity, Repetition for effect, Prolificacy, Effusion, Vehemence, Compulsion, Virulence, Superflux, Creativity, Bountifulness, Puissance, Virility, Fecundity, Potence, Diffusiveness, Tirade, Prepotency, Diffuseness, Inventiveness, Fructiferousness, Strong arm, Vim, Extravagance, Pull, Pizzazz, Muscle power, Virtue, Luxuriance, Rankness, Overflow, Charisma, Prodigality, Beef, Black power, Cloud of words, Formlessness, Effusiveness, Vigor, Main strength, Pregnancy, Push, Energy, Talkativeness, Might and main, Effect, Punch, Superfluity, Pleonasm, Effectuality, Force, Flower power, Copiousness, Drive, Duress, Charge, Plenteousness, Vitality, Strength, Gush, Diffusion, Originality, Reiteration, Amplitude, Clout, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Power, Fertile mind, Weight, Superpower, Wattage, Moxie, Profuseness, Exuberance, ■■■■, Full force, Macrology, Main force, Rampancy, Gushing, Power pack, Redundancy, Authority, Power struggle, Cogence, Prolificity, Fruitfulness, Full blast, Potentiality, Fertility, Procreativeness, Creativeness, Reiterativeness, Productive capacity, Cogency, Mana, Invention, Steam, Effectiveness, Tautology, Teeming womb, Superabundance, Dint, Superiority, Teemingness, Outpour, Plentifulness, Productiveness, Amperage, Fluency, Influence, Profusion, Logorrhea, Pregnant imagination, Richness, Armipotence, Lushness, Teeming imagination, Brute force, Abundance, Might, Swarmingness, Sinew, Powerfulness, Repetitiveness, Generousness, Power structure, Potency

How to use Productivity in a sentence?

  1. There is no example of individual productivity in the department, so we decided to keep it during the holidays.
  2. My product business is doing very well and we have been selling a lot from the beginning.
  3. Knowing the productivity of all your employees can help you decide who to keep and who to leave.
  4. Long term land productivity.

Meaning of Productivity & Productivity Definition

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How To Define Productivity?

  1. Productivity in an economy measures the output of each unit of input, such as labor, capital, or other resources, and is generally calculated for the economy as a whole in proportion to gross domestic product (GDP). Is taken. Wage productivity can be broken down by the sector to study wage growth trends, wage levels and technological advances. Corporate profits and shareholder gains are directly linked to productivity growth.

  2. In terms of time of need, number of laborers, capital and quantity of goods required, etc., the goods which are manufactured rapidly.

Meanings of Productivity

  1. The state or quality of producing something, especially a plant.

Sentences of Productivity

  1. Long-term productivity of the country

Synonyms of Productivity

abundance , productiveness , capacity , richness , mass production , potency , production , yield , fertility , fecundity


Productivity Meanings:

  • Definition of Productivity: Productivity in an economy measures output per unit, such as: On the contrary, profits can be broken down by sector to test growth trends, wage levels and technological improvement. The earnings of the company and the shareholders are directly related to the growth of the company.

  • Productivity definition is: The speed of production of goods is based on the required time, amount of labor required, capital and equipment required, etc.

Meanings of Productivity

  1. The state or quality of being productive.

Sentences of Productivity

  1. The country's long-term productivity


What is The Definition of Productivity?

Definition of Productivity: Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he held senior positions as a writer at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire, and received a Masters in Economics from New York University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy in English Literature.

  • In an economy, activity measures the input per unit output.
  • If there is no significant increase in activity, it will limit the increase in wages, company profits and living standards.
  • Activity is calculated by dividing the company by the units used to manufacture the product.
  • The auto giant Toyota and the online marketplace Amazon are the best examples of companies with impressive activities.
  • Workplace activity refers only to the amount of work done during a given period of time.

The pace of production of goods depends on the required time, the amount of labor required, the need for capital and equipment, etc.