Definition of Productivity:

  1. A measure of the performance of a person, machine, factory, system, etc. Convert input to useful output.

    Production capacity is calculated by dividing the average output by the total costs or resources used (capital, energy, equipment, staff) during the period. Productivity is the main factor of profit.

  2. The condition or characteristic of production, of plants.

Synonyms of Productivity

Mightiness, Validity, Palilogy, Ingenuity, Repetition for effect, Prolificacy, Effusion, Vehemence, Compulsion, Virulence, Superflux, Creativity, Bountifulness, Puissance, Virility, Fecundity, Potence, Diffusiveness, Tirade, Prepotency, Diffuseness, Inventiveness, Fructiferousness, Strong arm, Vim, Extravagance, Pull, Pizzazz, Muscle power, Virtue, Luxuriance, Rankness, Overflow, Charisma, Prodigality, Beef, Black power, Cloud of words, Formlessness, Effusiveness, Vigor, Main strength, Pregnancy, Push, Energy, Talkativeness, Might and main, Effect, Punch, Superfluity, Pleonasm, Effectuality, Force, Flower power, Copiousness, Drive, Duress, Charge, Plenteousness, Vitality, Strength, Gush, Diffusion, Originality, Reiteration, Amplitude, Clout, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Power, Fertile mind, Weight, Superpower, Wattage, Moxie, Profuseness, Exuberance, Poop, Full force, Macrology, Main force, Rampancy, Gushing, Power pack, Redundancy, Authority, Power struggle, Cogence, Prolificity, Fruitfulness, Full blast, Potentiality, Fertility, Procreativeness, Creativeness, Reiterativeness, Productive capacity, Cogency, Mana, Invention, Steam, Effectiveness, Tautology, Teeming womb, Superabundance, Dint, Superiority, Teemingness, Outpour, Plentifulness, Productiveness, Amperage, Fluency, Influence, Profusion, Logorrhea, Pregnant imagination, Richness, Armipotence, Lushness, Teeming imagination, Brute force, Abundance, Might, Swarmingness, Sinew, Powerfulness, Repetitiveness, Generousness, Power structure, Potency

How to use Productivity in a sentence?

  1. There is no example of individual productivity in the department, so we decided to keep it during the holidays.
  2. My product business is doing very well and we have been selling a lot from the beginning.
  3. Knowing the productivity of all your employees can help you decide who to keep and who to leave.
  4. Long term land productivity.

Meaning of Productivity & Productivity Definition