Definition of Production:

  1. Financial and administrative or administrative processes involved in filming, viewing and recording.

  2. Preparation or preparation of ingredients or raw materials or manufacturing process.

  3. Processes and methods by which material inputs (raw materials, semi-finished products, substrates) and immaterial inputs (ideas, information, knowledge) are converted into goods or services. In this process, resources are used to make production usable or at an exchange cost.

Synonyms of Production

Sonata, Standard work, Serial, Fructification, Parchment, Assembly, Makeup, Orchestration, Presentation, Exercise, Job, Piece, Stretch, Endeavor, Bearing, Composition, Making, Passage, Fashioning, Proliferation, Program music, Picture book, Manufacture, Tryout, Step, Prolification, Work, Mission accomplished, Mounting, Nonbook, Performance, Strain, Manufacturing, Limp-cover book, Transcription, Works, Novel, Fulfillment, Notebook, Web, Penscript, Masterwork, Opera, Fait accompli, Build, Draft, Drama, Handiwork, Second draft, Patterning, Producing, Exhibit, Presentment, Vintage, Success, Printout, Coloring book, Architecture, Mise-en-scene, Pullulation, Ostentation, Tissue, Getup, Extract, Operation, Premiere, Original, Version, Projection, Farewell performance, Display, Origination, Stunt, Dress rehearsal, Fashion, Development, Creation, Preparation, Deed, Brainchild, Letter, Elongation, Debut, Fabric, Product, Writing, Stage presentation, Turn, Publication, Juvenile book, Outcome, Doings, Accomplished fact, Piece of writing, Crop, Produce, Play, Masterpiece, Volume, Making, Theme and variations, Best seller, Playbook, Title, Mold, Nocturne, Great work, Feat, Scrip, Artifact, Constitution, Manuscript, Article, Child, Paperback, Computer printout, Stretching, Outgrowth, String quartet, Screed, Fruition, First draft, Go, Trade book, Effect, Transaction, Second crop, Conformation, Form, Folio, Electronic music, Study, Film, Harmonization, Consummation, Organic structure, Architectonics, Extension, Varnishing day, Script, Air varie, Casting, Magnum opus, Aleatory music, Tome, Arrangement, Opening, Holograph, Accomplishment, Etude, Concoction, Recension, Structuring, Oeuvre, Move, Movie, Crowning achievement, Gest, Lengthening, Sketchbook, Attainment, Showing, Exploit, Show, Nonfiction, Rehearsal, Printed matter, Literature, Incidental music, Juvenile, Manufacturing, Nachtmusik, Book, Physique, Act, Aftermath, Instrumental music, Construction, Achievement, Producing, Chamber music, Weave, Swan song, Formation, Mintage, Execution, Proceeds, Exposure, Tectonics, Hardback, Stage management, Make, Realization, Document, Variation, Psalter, Result, Coinage, Run-through, Opusculum, Implementation, Literary artefact, Songbook, The written word, Coup, Anatomy, Thing done, Aleatory, Scroll, Bound book, Theatrical performance, Reproduction, Motion picture, Measure, Discharge, Organization, Dispatch, Fabrication, Pattern, Lucubration, Prolongation, Warp and woof, Setup, Descant, Poem, Construction, Distillation, Forming, New mintage, Sonatina, Setting, Action, Flimsy, Plan, Forging, Finished version, Essay, Effort, Literae scriptae, Scrive, Structure, Tour de force, Flesh show, Trio, Ricercar, Direction, Shaping, Thing, Fair copy, Reading matter, Acta, Building, Fabrication, Issue, Fruit, Psalmbook, Bill, Staging, Putting out, Unfolding, Exposition, Adventure, Output, Doing, Undertaking, Storybook, Unfoldment, Definitive work, Organism, Prayer book, Invention, Yield, Absolute music, Texture, Demonstration, String orchestra, Fiction, Opus, Classic, Protraction, Representation, Unveiling, Exhibition, Moving picture, Stroke, Entertainment, End product, Turnout, Benefit, Molding, Literary production, End result, Paper, Offspring, Stringing out, Adaptation, Edited version, Dealings, Engrossment, Enactment, Final draft, Overt act, Carrying out, Essence, Typescript, Enterprise, Vernissage, Chamber orchestra, Res gestae, Blow, Matter, Proceeding, Frame, Tension, Score, Creation, Maneuver, Copy, Pocket book, Transcript, Shape, Manufacture, Format, Walk-through, Effectuation, Multiplication, Bumper crop, Opuscule, Retrospective, Autograph, Assembly, Harvest, Hand, Soft-cover, Building, Creature

How to use Production in a sentence?

  1. Manufacture of chemical weapons
  2. A good production team can help your company meet all your needs.
  3. Knowing your production costs can help you determine how much profit you can make from everything sold.
  4. Republicans believe that the state of California's low rainfall, despite the evidence to the contrary, does not prove that climate change is indeed happening.
  5. The movie is still ready.

Meaning of Production & Production Definition

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The act or process of creating something.

Meanings of Production

  1. Ingredients or raw materials or preparation process or preparation process.

  2. Financial and administrative processes involved in filming, screening or recording.

Synonyms of Production

protraction , direction , fabrication , staging , giving , generation , formulation , return , lengthening , producing , manufacture , extention , prolongation , authoring , yielding , manufacturing , fructification , elongation , preparation , construction