Definition of Product:

  1. Law: Goods that are distributed commercially are (1) solid private property, (2) products or products, the results of the manufacture or production process, and (3) go through distribution channels before consumption or use.

  2. Marketing: Good or service that best adapts to the needs of a given market and makes a substantial profit to justify its existence. Tire manufacturers such as MacLean meet market demand and remain profitable as long as cars are manufactured.

  3. Multiply the amount or the amount obtained from a similar algebraic operation.

  4. Anything or person that is the result of an action or action.

  5. Items, ideas, methods, informational items, goods or services that are created as a result of an action and that respond to needs or fulfill desires. It has a combination of tangible and intangible features (benefit, property, function, use) that the seller offers the buyer to buy. For example, toothbrush providers not only offer physical products, but also the idea that consumers will improve their oral health.

  6. Goods or clothes that are manufactured or better for sale.

Synonyms of Product

Outcome, Crop, The whole story, Unit, Amount, Item, Result, Loss leader, Make, Resultant, Proceeds, Precipitate, By-product, Count, Upshot, Fallout, Offering, Ware, Vintage, Yield, Issue, Sequel, Sequent, Derivative, Bearing, Result, Feature, Cast, Effect, Fruit, Merchandise, Sum, Sequence, Offshoot, Consequence, Logical outcome, Legacy, Staple item, Produce, Commodity, Consequence, Thing, Effect, Outgrowth, Tale, Summation, Article, Reckoning, Article of merchandise, Spin-off, The bottom line, Production, Offspring, Seconds, Artefact, Staple, Account, Item, Box score, Issue, Score, Whole, Drug, Legacy, Special, Goods, Fruit, Article of commerce, The story, Vendible, Upshot, Event, Derivation, Corollary, Work, Bumper crop, Sequela, Aftermath, X number, Lead item, By-product, Harvest, Aggregate, Product, Quantity, Turnout, Object, Handiwork, Eventuality, Consequent, Number, Second crop, Spin-off, Tally, Eventuation, Distillate, Leader, Piece of merchandise, Difference, Total, Outcome, Standard article, Output, Development, Commodity

How to use Product in a sentence?

  1. The total hours claimed on the service order is 63 hours, and the amount received is a product of an amount that is many times higher than the current rate.
  2. the meal.
  3. When you work as a sales representative, you have to convince people that your product is useful and interesting so that you can make the most of your money.
  4. Her daughter, the fruit of her first marriage.
  5. He had a great idea for the product, but he didn't have the money to make it himself.
  6. Jeans knows a lot about hair products because, as a professional stylist and owner of her own salon, she uses them regularly to style her clients' hair.

Meaning of Product & Product Definition


Product: What is the Meaning of Product?

Product means: In Insurance Services Office Inc., product liability insurance covers the flow of business with the insured. Product definitions include failure to comply with containers, parts and equipment, product warranty and delivery or instructions and notices.

Manufacturing products or natural processes (e.g., food) are usually offered to the public for sale by retailers.

Product definition is: Items that are manufactured, sold, handled, distributed or ordered by an insurer by name or by others who are involved in your business with this insurance. Contains containers, parts and equipment, product warranty and delivery or non-compliance with instructions and notices

Sentences of Product

  1. The total claimed on the service order is 63 hours, and the amount charged is only a product of the amount that is many times higher than the current rate.