Product Recall

Product Recall,

Product Recall Definition:

Product Recall means, When a defective product is under the control of the manufacturer or distributor, insurance coverage for expenses incurred under the control of possible personal injury (BI) or material loss (PD) as a result of its use or permanent existence ۔ Standard product liability insurance does not cover this risk due to the exclusion of liabilities.

This includes legal liability for all costs, expenses and damages incurred in the return or return of goods or products due to known or suspected defects or defects.

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Meanings of Product:
  1. An object or person that is the result of an action or action.

Sentences of Product
  1. The total claimed in the service order is 63 63 hours, and the amount charged is a product of the amount which is many times the current rate.

Synonyms of Product

consequence, object, result, piece of merchandise, spin-off, unit, commodity, thing, upshot, issue, item, outcome, artefact, legacy, product, effect, fruit, by-product


Meanings of Recall:
  1. Remember (facts, events or circumstances).

  2. Officially ask (someone) to go back somewhere.

  3. Formal withdrawal from someone or the act or matter of something.

  4. The process or ability to remember something that has been learned or experienced.

Sentences of Recall
  1. I still vaguely remember they took me to the hospital

  2. The Panamanian ambassador was summoned from Peru

  3. Parliamentary reminder

  4. She has an unusual memory

Synonyms of Recall

recollect, calling back, bring back, call back, recollection, think of, remembrance, remember, summon back, memory, order back, call to mind, ordering back, summoning back