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Product portfolio,

Definition of Product portfolio:

  1. Product portfolios are an important element of financial analysis because they provide context and granularity to a firm and its primary operations. Investors can distinguish between long-term value stocks and short-term growth opportunities. Portfolio analysis of a firm's product offerings also allows investors to nail down specific drivers of financial performance, which is necessary for effective modeling.

  2. A combination of two or more product families.

  3. A product portfolio is the collection of all the products or services offered by a company. Product portfolio analysis can provide nuanced views on a stock type, company growth prospects, profit margin drivers, income contributions, market leadership, and operational risk. This is essential for investors conducting equity research by investors or analysts supporting internal corporate financial planning.

How to use Product portfolio in a sentence?

  1. A product portfolio is the menu of goods or services that a firm producer and offers for sale.
  2. Analysis of product portfolios can give deep and nuanced insight into the workings of a company and its earnings potential.
  3. Product portfolios will tend to be different for mature versus younger growth companies.

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