Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance,

Definition of Product liability insurance:

  1. Policy that pays for any damage or injury (within the limits of the cover provided) resulting from the use of the insureds goods or services.

Meaning of Product liability insurance & Product liability insurance Definition

Product Liability Insurance,

What is Product Liability Insurance?

  • Product Liability Insurance means, Protection against financial loss due to injury or damage caused by the use of the insured product, legal liability of the sick person, or liability of the contractor after termination of contract (business coverage is rejected).

  • Meaning of Product Liability Insurance: Protect manufacturers and dealers from legal action by people who have suffered personal injury or property damage while using them.

  • This coverage protects product manufacturers and retailers (and all distributors) from claims for damages caused by possession, use or consumption of the product. Food poisoning is a great example of this type of insurance claim.

  • Product Liability Insurance means: Coverage to protect against financial loss arising out of the legal liability of the manufacturer, dealer or distributor in the event of injury or loss from the use of the courier product.

  • Insurance coverage for manufacturers, sellers or distributors which may result from civic liability for financial losses in the event of injury or loss to a third party due to the use of the products covered by the insurance.

  • Definition of Product Liability Insurance: Product liability insurance may cover a claim against your company for damages or losses caused by the products designed, sold or supplied by your company.

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