Product Disparagement

Product Disparagement,

How To Define Product Disparagement?

  1. Definition of Product Disparagement: Synonyms Key Business Terms

Literal Meanings of Product Disparagement


Meanings of Product:
  1. An item or fabric made or improved for sale

  2. An object or person that is the result of an action or deed.

  3. Sets are obtained by multiplying each other or by similar algebraic functions.

Sentences of Product
  1. the meal

  2. Your daughter, the result of your first marriage

  3. Work orders take a total of 63 hours, and the calculated value is just a product of the number that multiplies the hourly rate.

Synonyms of Product

unit, effect, piece of merchandise, outcome, result, upshot, issue, commodity, by-product, artefact, spin-off, object, legacy, consequence, product, fruit, thing, item


Sentences of Disparagement
  1. Then the campaign of criticism and slander against the good man, Mr. Kelty, continued until Tuesday.

  2. Despite repeated attacks, the yellow metal continued to lose its reputation as a savage, breaking a new 18-year record last week.

  3. As a child, it was the teachers who cast a huge shadow over my progress or absence, and who made school life even more miserable and life miserable.

  4. But he doesn't really care to kill her