Producer surplus

Producer surplus,

Definition of Producer surplus:

  1. Producer surplus is the difference between how much a person would be willing to accept for given quantity of a good versus how much they can receive by selling the good at the market price. The difference or surplus amount is the benefit the producer receives for selling the good in the market. A producer surplus is generated by market prices in excess of the lowest price producers would otherwise be willing to accept for their goods. This may relate to Walras' law.

  2. In economics, the difference between the amount that a producer receives from the sale of a good and the lowest amount that producer is willing to accept for that good. The greater the difference between the two prices, the greater the benefit to the producer. On graph of supply and demand, the producer surplus is found above the supply curve and below the point at which the supply and demand curves intersect. See also consumer surplus.

  3. A producer surplus is shown graphically below as the area above the producer's supply curve that it receives at the price point (P(i)), forming a triangular area on the graph. The producer’s sales revenue from selling Q(i) units of the good is represented as the area of the rectangle formed by the axes and the red lines, and is equal to the product of Q(i) times the price of each unit, P(i).

How to use Producer surplus in a sentence?

  1. If you want to make the most you can out of a deal you should try to figure out the producer surplus before you do in.
  2. Producer surplus is the total amount that a producer benefits from producing and selling a quantity of a good at the market price.
  3. The total revenue that a producer receives from selling their goods minus the total cost of production equals the producer surplus.
  4. Producer surplus plus consumer surplus represents the total benefit to everyone in the market from participating in production and trade of the good.
  5. The producer surplus was outstanding for the whole group so we decided to further our relationship with our esteemed producer.
  6. Before I could start running the business for my dad, I would have to learn things like marketing research and producer surplus .

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