Definition of Produce:

  1. Extend or continue (a line).

  2. Show or provide (something) for consideration, inspection, or use.

  3. Administer the financial and managerial aspects of (a movie or broadcast) or the staging of (a play, opera, etc.).

  4. To bring forth, give rise to, or yield a good through a natural process, as opposed to make or manufacture. Produced goods are usually fungible even if sold under different names or trademarks.

  5. Cause (a particular result or situation) to happen or come into existence.

  6. Things that have been produced or grown, especially by farming.

  7. Make or manufacture from components or raw materials.

  8. Fruits and vegetables as distinguished from corn, rice, wheat, and other grains and staple crops.

Synonyms of Produce

Present, Offer, Proffer, Show, Display, Exhibit, Irish potato, Kraut, Accomplish, Achieve, Act, Adduce, Advance, Affect, Aftermath, Allege, Array, Assemble, Attain, Aubergine, Author, Avails, Baked goods, Be a gas, Be a hit, Be productive, Beans, Bear, Bear fruit, Bearing, Beget, Betoken, Bill, Bomb, Box office, Brandish, Breathe, Breed, Bring about, Bring forth, Bring forward, Bring into being, Bring into view, Bring off, Bring on, Bring out, Bring to bear, Bring to effect, Bring to fruition, Bring to light, Bring to notice, Bring to pass, Bring up, Build, Bumper crop, Cabbage, Canned goods, Cast, Cause, Citrus fruit, Coin, Collaborate, Commissions, Commit, Compass, Compose, Compound, Conceit, Conceive, Conceptualize, Concoct, Construct, Consummate, Continue, Create, Credit, Credits, Crop, Cultivate, Dangle, Dash off, Deal with, Deliver, Demonstrate, Deploy, Develop, Devise, Discharge, Disclose, Dispatch, Display, Disposable income, Dispose of, Distribute, Dividend, Dividends, Divulge, Do, Do the job, Do the trick, Do to, Drag out, Dramatize, Draw, Draw on, Draw out, Dream up, Drupe, Earned income, Earnings, Editorialize, Effect, Effectuate, Eggplant, Elaborate, Elongate, Embody, Enact, Engender, Engineer, Erect, Establish, Evidence, Evince, Evoke, Evolve, Excrete, Execute, Exhibit, Experience imaginatively, Expose to view, Express, Extend, Extrude, Fabricate, Fail, Fancy, Fantasize, Fashion, Father, Feature, Fetch, Fictionalize, Flaunt, Flop, Flourish, Food items, Form, Formulate, Found, Frame, Free-lance, Fructify, Fruit, Fruit cocktail, Fruit compote, Fruit soup, Fudge together, Fulfill, Furnish, Gains, Gate, Gate receipts, Generate, Gestate, Get, Get up, Ghost, Ghostwrite, Give birth to, Give occasion to, Give origin to, Give out, Give rise to, Give sign, Give token, Go and do, Green goods, Greens, Groceries, Grocery, Gross, Gross income, Gross receipts, Grow, Harvest, Hatch, Headline, Highlight, Ideate, Illuminate, Imagine, Inaugurate, Incarnate, Income, Indicate, Indite, Induce, Industrialize, Inflict, Initiate, Institute, Intake, Introduce, Invent, Knock off, Knock out, Lactate, Legumes, Lengthen, Lengthen out, Let out, Love apple, Mad apple, Make, Make a hit, Make clear, Make plain, Make up, Manage, Manifest, Manufacture, Marshal, Mass-produce, Materialize, Mature, Mean, Melodramatize, Mold, Mould, Mount, Multiply, Muster up, Net, Net income, Net receipts, Novelize, Occasion, Offer, Open, Open a show, Originate, Output, Overproduce, Packaged goods, Pamphleteer, Parade, Parent, Patch together, Pay, Perform, Perpetrate, Piece together, Pieplant, Plead, Polish off, Potato, Potherbs, Prefabricate, Premiere, Prepare, Present, Preview, Proceeds, Procreate, Product, Production, Profits, Prolong, Prolongate, Prompt, Propagate, Protract, Provide, Pull, Pull off, Put away, Put forth, Put on, Put out, Put together, Put up, Raise, Rally, Realize, Rear, Receipt, Receipts, Receivables, Render, Represent, Reproduce, Returns, Reveal, Revenue, Rhubarb, Roll out, Royalties, Run up, Scenarize, Secern, Second crop, Secrete, Secure, Set afloat, Set forth, Set on foot, Set the stage, Set up, Shape, Show, Show forth, Sire, Spark, Spawn, Spin out, Spotlight, Spud, Stage, Star, Start, Stone fruit, Strain, Stretch, Stretch out, String out, Succeed, Supply, Suppose, Take, Take and do, Take care of, Take-in, Takings, Tater, Tauten, Tear, Tense, Theatricalize, Think up, Throughput, Throw on paper, Tighten, Tinned goods, Token, Tomato, Trot out, Truck, Try out, Turn out, Turn the trick, Unearned income, Unfold, Up and do, Vegetables, Vintage, Volume-produce, Water, Wave, Weep, White potato, Whomp up, Work, Work out, Work up, Wreak, Write, Yield, Food, Foodstuff, Foodstuffs, Give rise to, Bring about, Cause, Occasion, Generate, Engender, Lead to, Result in, Effect, Induce, Initiate, Start, Set off, Stage, Put on, Mount, Present, Put before the public, Show, Perform, Manufacture, Make, Construct, Build, Fabricate, Put together, Assemble, Turn out, Bring out, Process, Create

How to use Produce in a sentence?

  1. The company has just produced a luxury version of the aircraft.
  2. The video was produced and directed by filmmaker Neil Campbell.
  3. I could not believe that, even on such short notice, Marcy was able to produce all of those documents and statistics at the board meetings today.
  4. Dairy produce.
  5. No conventional drugs had produced any significant change.
  6. My employees primary responsibility is to produce the finest materials possible, and to do it in the most efficient way that they can.
  7. I was tasked with determining how many widgets our department is likely to produce , this was challenging to forecast this.
  8. He produced a sheet of paper from his pocket.

Meaning of Produce & Produce Definition