Process mapping

Process mapping,

Definition of Process mapping:

  1. Structural analysis of a process flow (such as an order-to-delivery cycle), by distinguishing how work is actually done from how it should be done, and what functions a system should perform from how the system is built to perform those functions. In this technique, main activities, information flows, interconnections, and measures are depicted as a collage on a large sheet of (commonly brown) paper, with different colored Post-it notes or slips of paper. This graphic representation allows an observer to walk-through the whole process and see it in its entirety. Also called brown papering.

How to use Process mapping in a sentence?

  1. The process mapping was almost done for the day and we would figure out some things that needed to be figured out.
  2. We engaged in process mapping to add another dimension to our ways of understanding and viewing the production problem for our firm.
  3. It is important that we give due diligence to process mapping to ensure that we are getting the most efficiency out of our equipment and workers.

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