Definition of Proceedings:

  1. Business conducted at a formal or official event or meeting.

  2. Written record of the business conducted. See also minutes.

  3. An event or a series of activities involving a formal or set procedure.

Synonyms of Proceedings

Events, Activities, Business, Affairs, Happenings, Goings-on, Doings, Account, Account rendered, Accounting, Acta, Action, Activeness, Activism, Activity, Affairs, Annual, Brief, Bulletin, Business, Case, Cause, Cause in court, Census report, Circumstances, Concerns, Condition of things, Conditions, Dealings, Doings, Election returns, Goings-on, Judicial process, Lawsuit, Legal action, Legal case, Legal proceedings, Legal process, Legal remedy, Life, Litigation, March of events, Matters, Militancy, Minutes, Motion, Movement, Political activism, Prosecution, Relations, Report, Returns, Run of things, State of affairs, Statement, Stir, Suit, Suit at law, Tally, The record, The times, The world, Transactions, What happens, Yearbook

How to use Proceedings in a sentence?

  1. You complete a form to start proceedings.

Meaning of Proceedings & Proceedings Definition