Definition of Problem:

  1. A perceived gap between the existing state and a desired state, or a deviation from a norm, standard, or status quo.

    Although many problems turn out to have several solutions (the means to close the gap or correct the deviation), difficulties arise where such means are either not obvious or are not immediately available.

Synonyms of Problem

Chinese puzzle, Ado, Aggravation, Annoyance, Anxiety, Bad news, Baffle, Bafflement, Baffling problem, Basis, Bedevilment, Besetment, Bewilderment, Blemish, Bone of contention, Bore, Bother, Botheration, Bothersomeness, Brain twister, Bug, Bugaboo, Bugbear, Burden, Can of worms, Case, Catch, Catechism, Chapter, Complication, Concern, Confoundment, Confusion, Conundrum, Count, Crack, Crashing bore, Cross-interrogatory, Cross-question, Crossword puzzle, Crux, Debating point, Defect, Defection, Deficiency, Delinquent, Demand, Devilment, Difficult, Difficulty, Dilemma, Disadvantage, Discomposure, Disconcert, Disconcertedness, Disconcertion, Disconcertment, Disturbance, Disturbed, Dogging, Downer, Drag, Drawback, Embarrassment, Enigma, Enigmatic question, Essence, Evil, Exasperation, Facer, Failing, Failure, Fault, Faute, Feeler, Fix, Flaw, Floorer, Focus of attention, Focus of interest, Foible, Frailty, Gist, Great ado, Harassment, Harrying, Head, Headache, Heading, Hole, Hounding, Illustration, Imbroglio, Imperfection, Inadequacy, Inconvenience, Incorrigible, Infirmity, Inquiry, Interrogation, Interrogative, Interrogatory, Intractable, Issue, Jam, Jigsaw puzzle, Kink, Knot, Knotty point, Leader, Leading question, Little problem, Living issue, Main point, Maladjusted, Matter, Matter in hand, Meat, Mess, Mind-boggler, Molestation, Moot point, Motif, Motive, Muddle, Mystery, Nonplus, Nuisance, Nut, Nut to crack, Obstreperous, Peck of troubles, Perplexed question, Perplexity, Persecution, Perturbation, Pest, Pickle, Plight, Point, Point at issue, Point in question, Poser, Pother, Predicament, Pretty pickle, Puzzle, Puzzlement, Puzzler, Quandary, Query, Question, Question at issue, Question mark, Quodlibet, Refractory, Riddle, Rift, Rubric, Scrape, Sea of troubles, Shortcoming, Sixty-four dollar question, Snag, Something missing, Stew, Sticker, Stumper, Subject, Subject matter, Subject of thought, Substance, Taint, Text, Theme, Topic, Tough proposition, Trial, Trial balloon, Trouble, Unassuredness, Uncontrollable, Ungovernable, Unmanageable, Unruly, Upset, Vexation, Vexatiousness, Vexed question, Vulnerable place, Weak link, Weak point, Weakness, Why, Worriment, Worry

How to use Problem in a sentence?

  1. If your business has a problem you just need to take a deep breath and think logically about how to solve it.
  2. Even if your business is having a problem you must keep an even keel and decide on the best way to handle it.
  3. It is always such a comfort to know that I have people in my life that I can turn to when I have a problem and they help me work through it.

Meaning of Problem & Problem Definition