Definition of Probation:

  1. The release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision.

  2. Release of a convicted criminal (usually a first offender, young offender, or an aged offender convicted of a minor crime) from custody, subject to good behavior under specified conditions (such as staying at a probation hostel or attending rehabilitation classes). In comparison, parole is granted only after the convict has served at least a part (usually one-third) of sentence in prison.

  3. Testing of a candidate before admission to full membership of a professional body, or the status of a full employee of a firm.

Synonyms of Probation

Acid test, Assay, Blank determination, Brouillon, Criterion, Crucial test, Crucible, Determination, Docimasy, Essay, Feeling out, First draft, Kiteflying, Ordeal, Proof, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Sounding out, Standard, Test, Test case, Touchstone, Trial, Try, Verification

How to use Probation in a sentence?

  1. I went to court and was put on probation.

Meaning of Probation & Probation Definition


Probation: What is the Meaning of Probation?

  • Trial period during which a person's fitness for work, membership in a club, etc. are reviewed.

  • You can define Probation as, The procedure by which a convicted person is released by a court without suspended sentence and under certain conditions.

Meanings of Probation

  1. The release of offenders from detention is subject to good conduct in surveillance.

Sentences of Probation

  1. I went to court and they released me