Definition of Proactive:

  1. (Person, leader or action) Create or control situations in which something happens instead of reacting when something happens.

  2. Behavior as a result of the process and towards the results, instead of waiting for someone to happen and then trying to respond accordingly. The purpose of proactive behavior is to identify and seize opportunities and to take precautions against potential worries and threats, while the response is focused on setting fires or correcting them when difficulties arise.

How to use Proactive in a sentence?

  1. The man asked his teacher for help after school to improve his grades.
  2. Be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems.
  3. Teachers tell students that it is beneficial to take notes quickly in the classroom, because they never know when they will have a material questionnaire.
  4. The common way to preserve the annual supply of LDS Church members to help them survive to the last day is certainly a proactive approach.

Meaning of Proactive & Proactive Definition