Pro means,

Head of Public Relations. Also known as the Director of Communications. Someone whose job it is to promote and promote good relationships between their customers, organizations or individuals and the public.

Meanings of Pro

  1. A professional, especially in sports.

  2. In a professional manner (of a person or event).

  3. For the benefit of

  4. An argument for benefit or something.

  5. Head of Public Relations.

  6. Office of the Public Archives.

Sentences of Pro

  1. Professional golfer

  2. You are unique

  3. Pros and cons of joint ownership

Synonyms of Pro

approving, paid player, dividend, encouraging of, favoring , benefit, on the side of, for, perk, giving support to, sympathetic to, right behind, added advantage, bonus, non-amateur, attractive feature, good point, extra, asset, for , all for, approving of, attraction

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Definition of Pro:

Head of Public Relations. Also known as the Director of Communications. Everyone's job is to promote and build good relationships between their customers or individuals and the public.

Meanings of Pro

  1. Professionals, especially in the field of sports.

  2. A whore.

  3. (Of a person or event) in a professional manner.

  4. The benefit or argument of something.

  5. Support Support.

  6. Work as an alternative or substitute.

  7. Indicates forward, outward, or outward movement.

  8. In the first time, place, setting, etc.

  9. Office of Public Archives.

  10. Director of Public Relations

Sentences of Pro

  1. A tennis pro

  2. Advantages and disadvantages of stock ownership

  3. Pro-choice

  4. to be continued