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Pro rata,

Definition of Pro rata:

  1. Pro rata is a Latin term used to describe a proportionate allocation. It essentially translates to "in proportion," which means a process where whatever is being allocated will be distributed in equal portions.

  2. Proportionate allocation or distribution of a quantity (such as costs, income, shares, taxes) on the basis of a common factor. For example, profit is generally divided among several stockholders (shareholders) on the basis of the amount of stock (number of shares) held by each. Latin for, according to the rate.

  3. Proportionally.

  4. Proportional.

  5. If something is given out to people on a pro rata basis, it means assigning an amount to one person according to their share of the whole. While a pro rata calculation can be used to determine the appropriate portions of any given whole, it is often used in business finance.

Synonyms of Pro rata

Corresponding, Proportionate, Comparable, In proportion, Pro rata, Commensurate, Equivalent, Consistent, Relative, Correlated, Correlative, Analogous, Analogical, Ad valorem, Appraised, Assessed, Distributional, Distributive, Distributively, Each to each, Equal, Evaluated, Even stephen, Fifty-fifty, Good for, Half, Half-and-half, Halvers, In equal shares, In proportion, Particular, Per capita, Per head, Priced, Prized, Proportional, Proportionate, Proportionately, Prorated, Rated, Respective, Respectively, Several, Severally, Valued, Valued at, Worth

How to use Pro rata in a sentence?

  1. I wanted to disburse the remaining shares pro rata as I felt the most optimal and fair distribution would ensue.
  2. As the dollar has fallen, costs have risen on a pro rata basis.
  3. If something is given out pro rata, it typically means everyone gets their fair share.
  4. I wanted to demonstrate pro rata when looking at the baseball players statistics, so I would see how me measured up to the rest of the league.
  5. Pro rata means proportionally, such as fees that rise pro rata with employee salaries.
  6. The practice of prorating can apply in many areas, from billing for services to paying out dividends or allocating business partnership income.
  7. When you are trying to decide how to divide up the profits you can use a pro rata formula to get a good answer.

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