Pro rata

Pro rata,

Definition of Pro rata:

  1. Proportional work is a Latin term used to describe proportional work. Basically, it means proportion, which means that everything assigned is evenly distributed.

  2. Proportional distribution of money based on various factors (such as expenses, revenue, inventory, taxes). For example, profits are usually divided between multiple shareholders (shareholders) based on the number of shares (number of shares) of each. Latin for, depending on the rent.

  3. By proportion

  4. Comparison

  5. When people are divided by proportion, it means that money is allocated to individuals based on their share as a whole. Although drilling can be used to determine the exact portion of a particular whole, it is often used in corporate finance.

Synonyms of Pro rata

Fifty-fifty, Ad valorem, Comparable, Valued at, Proportionate, Each to each, Equal, Halvers, Relative, Distributional, Evaluated, Worth, Correlated, In equal shares, Appraised, Analogous, In proportion, Corresponding, Valued, Assessed, Proportionately, Per head, Several, Distributive, In proportion, Half, Particular, Equivalent, Proportional, Good for, Per capita, Rated, Priced, Respective, Consistent, Half-and-half, Even stephen, Severally, Respectively, Prorated, Distributively, Commensurate, Prized, Analogical, Correlative, Proportionate, Pro rata

How to use Pro rata in a sentence?

  1. He wanted to pay the rest of the shares on the basis of payment, believing that the most ideal and fair distribution would take place.
  2. As the dollar falls, so does the cost.
  3. In general, when something is proportionate, it means that everyone gets their fair share.
  4. I wanted to do a partial demonstration that looked at the statistics of baseball players so that I could see how they compare to other players in the league.
  5. Proportional means that it is proportional to the expenses that increase in proportion to the wages of the employees.
  6. Sharing methods can be applied in many areas, from joint services to dividend payments and revenue sharing for companies.
  7. When deciding to split your income, you can use a well-formulated formula to get good answers.

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