Pro Mix Bx Vs Hp

Pro Mix Bx Vs Hp

What is the difference between HP Pro Mix and BX?

The differences between AllPurpose Mix (PROMIX BX) and High Porosity Mix (HP): Ingredients, Purpose and Use. PROMIX HP (acronym for high porosity) contains additional perlite for better drainage and also retains less water.

Do you even know what's in the Pro Mix BX?

PROMIX BX MYCORRHIZAE ™ is a generic professional peat culture medium containing mycorrhizal inoculum (glomus intraradices). These microscopic fungi attack and colonize the root systems in favor of plants by increasing their absorption of water and nutrients (especially phosphorus, copper and zinc).

Do you also know that Pro Mix is ​​dirt-free?

Pro Mix is ​​all I use in waxing. According to producer Premier Horticulture, Pro Mix is ​​considered less earthy. Not really less medium soil like coconut, but not really medium soil either. In my experience, plants grown in Pro Mix perform best around pH 6.2-6.3.

Likewise, what is HP Pro Mix?

PROMIX HP is a peat / perlite based medium with high porosity. This blend ensures optimal growth, especially when high air capacity and additional drainage are required. It is ideal for water sensitive plants, root cuttings and / or unfavorable growing conditions.

What's the best landless mix?

Peat Moss: The physical and chemical properties of peat moss make it an ideal base for most soilless mixes as it can hold both water and air. It is light, but the fibrous structure allows it to hold 15 to 20 times its weight in water.

What is Pro-Mix Soil?

ProMix BX + Mycorrhizae Biofungicide is an all-purpose growing medium that works well for a variety of plant and transplant applications. It offers protection against a high quality biofungicide while offering the properties that encourage the growth of 100% environmentally friendly mycorrhizae.

How many liters of soil does a ProMix contain?

The ProMix Ball measures 3.8 cf or 28,424 liters.

What is the pH of ProMix HP?

For most greenhouse crops, the ideal pH value of the growth medium for maximum nutrient supply is between 5.5 and 6.5.


Because in the soilless mixtures the micronutrients are very low. You tend to see the lowest pH, so the ideal pH of 5.5 to 6.0 is best here.

At what pH should I use ProMix?

It is therefore desired to set the nutrient solution to a target pH range of 6.26.3 for use in a tankless circulatory system. This means mixing the nutrients in the water just before pouring it.

What is Sun Mix # 4?

Sunshine Mix 4. In addition, Sunshine 4 has a highly soluble nutrient content, approximately equivalent to a liquid added with a complete fertilizer, plus trace elements in normal amounts. Ingredients: Canadian moss peat, coarse perlite, chalk, dolomite lime and Sun Gros long-lasting moisturizer.

What is humectant in ProMix?

The wetting agent ensures an even flow of water as it reduces surface tension, but water can easily penetrate the medium. It is active from 9 to 12 months and is on the consumer's knowledge pocket (A / M / D). HP stands for high porosity, greater air porosity is made possible by perlite.

What is the best organic potting soil?

Espoma AP2 is a 100% organic potting soil that you can use for pot planting both indoors and outdoors. It has the MycoTone formula which is known for saving water. Hoffman 10404 is an organic soil mix specially developed for growing cacti and succulents.

Can HP ProMix be reused?

You can use promix multiple times. Just be sure to add oyster flour and lime for pH control. So if it breaks, the PH can go crazy. Soil or cocoa are both better alternatives to a reusable medium.

Is Pro Mix soil organic?

ProMix Bio Potting Soil Mycorrhizal fungi are good for your plants because they form a symbiotic bond with plant roots. It's a completely organic way to grow healthier and more productive crops. ProMix Premium Organic Herb and Vegetable Mix contains the following ingredients: Canadian sphagnum peat moss.

Does ProMix contain HP nutrients?

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: PROMIX® HP MYCORRHIZAE ™ contains a balanced nutrient load to favor the initial development of the plant. During agricultural production it is necessary to start a fertilization program. The program chosen must take into account the moisture content, the type of crop and the stage of development of the plant.

How can you lower the pH in Promix?

Remember that increasing pH means decreasing acidity. If necessary, the soil can be softened monthly or made more alkaline with dolomitic limestone until the desired pH value is reached. To lower the pH, you can apply peat moss, acid fertilizer or aluminum sulfate.

Is perlite a fertilizer?

It is perlite, a lightweight, non-toxic soil additive that improves soil structure to keep plants healthy and happy. Perlite is a mined volcanic rock product made from a type of volcanic glass that has been superheated until it expands and turns white.

Pro Mix Bx Vs Hp