Prizes And Awards

Prizes And Awards,

How To Define Prizes And Awards?

  • Prizes And Awards definition is: Rewards or prize money are usually charged. So if you win the lottery, Uncle Sam is the winner. There are exceptional bonuses for employees, such as the idiomatic gold watch, which is tax-free.

Literal Meanings of Prizes And Awards


Meanings of Prizes:
  1. Anything that is given as a prize for the winner of the competition or as a reward for an extraordinary feat.

  2. An enemy ship was captured during the naval battle.

  3. You have won or are likely to win a competition.

  4. Very high notes.

Sentences of Prizes
  1. Britain's most prestigious contemporary art award

  2. The lifeboat was taken as a gift

  3. The price of the bull

  4. They are valued for their healing properties

Synonyms of Prizes

award, reward, premium, champion, award-winning, prize-winning, winning, top, top-class, top-tier, first-class, first-rate, choice, quality, select, best, value, place a high value on, set a high value on, set great store by, rate highly, attach great importance to, esteem, hold in high regard, think highly of, treasure


Meanings of And:
  1. It is used to join the same part of the language, sentence or phrase words that need to be included.

  2. It is used to offer additional comments or penalties.

  3. It is used after the verb and before the second verb to indicate the intention instead of "to".

  4. Boolean operator which returns if and only if all the operations are one and vice versa with zero value.

Synonyms of And

together with, along with, with, as well as, in addition to, including, also, too, added to, and, not to mention, besides, coupled with


Meanings of Awards:
  1. Deliver or request (something) as a legal payment, compensation or thanks to (someone)

  2. Awards or other recognition awards for achievements.

Sentences of Awards
  1. Military cross received

  2. Company's annual award for quality service

Synonyms of Awards

give, grant, prize, trophy, medal