Privity of contract

Privity of contract,

Definition of Privity of contract:

  1. The legal theory that a treaty reinforces rights and assigns responsibility only to the party that binds it. Neither you nor any third party can sue (or sue) under the terms of the agreement.

  2. Agreement between the parties that allows them to continue, but avoids the third party.

How to use Privity of contract in a sentence?

  1. There is no contractual relationship between the parties and if the claimants can take legal action, a passenger or even anyone who passes by on the road and is injured in a collision with a bus can take similar action.
  2. I like the confidentiality of the agreement because I do not want information and anything to happen to those who use it against us.
  3. My new stereo was badly built, but I can't sue the manufacturers for their defective products because I don't have a contract with them. I think I need to talk to retailers, if not - it's not their fault. .
  4. You need to understand what a contractual relationship says and make sure you always follow it properly.

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