Privileged Communication

Privileged Communication,

What is The Meaning of Privileged Communication?

  • Communications in special relationships are protected from third party disclosure. The safest relationships include lawyers / clients, secretaries / writers and spouses.

  • Privileged Communication means, Privileged communication is an interaction between two parties in which the law recognizes and protects the personal relationship. Whatever is said between the two sides will be kept secret and the law cannot be forced to disclose.

    • Privileged communications protect the privacy of communications between two parties legally classified as having private and secure relationships.
    • Some relationships that provide protection from internal communication include attorney client, doctor patient, pastor, spouse and (in some states) journalist sources.
    • In the event of a threat or harm to people, the special protection of communication disappears.

Literal Meanings of Privileged Communication


Meanings of Privileged:
  1. You have special rights, benefits or immunizations.

Sentences of Privileged
  1. In the 19th century, only privileged people had the right to vote

Synonyms of Privileged

affluent, prosperous, wealthy, rich


Meanings of Communication:
  1. Communication or exchange of information or messages.

  2. Means sending or receiving information such as telephone lines or computers.

  3. Means of transport or means of transportation such as roads or trains.

Sentences of Communication
  1. I am currently in London

  2. Satellite communications

  3. A city with excellent road and rail communications

Synonyms of Communication

services, passing on, conveying, conveyance, reporting, routes, divulgation, disclosure, divulgence, relay, links, imparting, handing on, transmission, connections, presenting