Definition of Privilege:

  1. Special rights, benefits or protections that are granted or available to certain individuals or groups.

  2. Allow one or more.

  3. Additional, Extraordinary, Special or Special Benefits, Benefits, Exemptions, Exemptions or Authorities that have been granted to an individual or group as a right or privilege or to a legal person with formal certification, function, position, law or law Based on implementation. See also suffrage, privileges and law.

Synonyms of Privilege

Give official sanction, Charter, Copyright, Warrant, Virtuosity, Diplomatic immunity, Franchise, Entitlement, Blank check, Right-of-way, Validate, Authorize, Priority, Permission, Liberty, Deanship, Immunity, Seniority, Benefit, Entitle, Prepotency, Greatness, Birthright, Due, One-upmanship, Indulgence, Consent, Freedom, Inimitability, Advantage, Majority, Skill, Legalize, Prepotence, Ascendancy, Predomination, Authority, Patent, Superiority, Lead, Grant, Give power, Incomparability, Advantage, Excellence, Prerogative, Enfranchise, Legislative immunity, Exemption, Authorization, Sanction, Right, Birthright, Exception, Empower, Transcendency, Success, License, Transcendence, Favor, Predominance, Certify, Preeminence, Legitimize, Appanage, Allowance, Ratify, Perquisite, Prerogative, Dispensation, Leave, Accomplishment, Benefit, Boon, Enable, Preponderance, Discharge, Carte blanche, Concession, Precedence, Release, Special favor, Right, Certificate, Prestige

How to use Privilege in a sentence?

  1. Education is a right, not a privilege.
  2. The law of British inheritance gives preference to the eldest son.

Meaning of Privilege & Privilege Definition


Privilege Definition:

Rights or immunizations have special benefits.

A simple definition of Privilege is: Rights, powers or protective rights that are outside the jurisdiction of an individual or group, such as the right not to discriminate against themselves after the Fifth Amendment.

Meanings of Privilege

  1. Special rights, benefits or protective rights granted or available to certain individuals or groups.

Sentences of Privilege

  1. English inheritance law gives privileges to the eldest child


Privilege: What is the Meaning of Privilege?

Rights or exemptions are given as special benefits.

Definition of Privilege: Rights, powers, or exemptions that a person possesses, or keys that are beyond legal remedy, such as privileges under the Fifth Amendment and self-harm.

Meanings of Privilege

  1. Special rights, benefits or exemptions are granted or granted only to certain individuals or groups.

  2. Giving concessions or concessions a.

Sentences of Privilege

  1. British inheritance law prefers the eldest child.