Privilege (diplomatic)

Privilege (diplomatic),

Privilege (diplomatic) Meanings:

You can define Privilege (diplomatic) as, Diplomatic staff and consular officers are, in most cases, exempt from tax in the state where they are located, in accordance with the general principles of international law or the provisions of a special agreement. Many tax treaties stipulate that the right to tax out-of-state income is reserved for the issuing state.

Literal Meanings of Privilege (diplomatic)


Meanings of Privilege:
  1. Special rights, benefits or protections that are granted or available to certain individuals or groups.

  2. Grant one or more permissions.

Sentences of Privilege
  1. Education is a right, not a privilege

  2. The law of British inheritance gives this honor to the eldest son

Synonyms of Privilege

advantage, right, benefit, prerogative, entitlement, birthright, due


Meanings of Diplomatic:
  1. Or a profession, activity, or qualification in handling international relations

  2. (Edition or copy) which makes the original version exactly.

Sentences of Diplomatic
  1. Diplomatic relations between the United States and the United Kingdom

  2. Diplomatic protocol

Synonyms of Diplomatic

ambassadorial, consular, foreign-policy, political