Privately held corporation

Privately held corporation,

Definition of Privately held corporation:

  1. Alternative term for closed corporation.

Meaning of Privately held corporation & Privately held corporation Definition

Privately Held Corporation,

How To Define Privately Held Corporation?

Definition of Privately Held Corporation: A form of society whose shares are not intended to be sold to the public. In contrast, shares in private companies usually belong to a small group of people, often, but not always, family members and / or company directors and executives. Unlike a listed company, the shares of a private company are not listed on major stock exchanges.

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Meanings of Privately:
  1. Personal or shape or ability.

Sentences of Privately
  1. I have to insist that we talk privately

Synonyms of Privately

discreetly, behind closed doors, in private, in confidence, confidentially, between ourselves, in secret, with no one else present, secretly


Meanings of Held:
  1. Pick it up, carry it or hold it in your hand.

  2. Save (someone) or save

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  5. Has its own power

  6. To save or save someone else.

  7. Prevent it from happening.

  8. Organized and attended (meetings or discussions)

  9. The way to understand something or something.

Sentences of Held
  1. She has a brown leather suitcase.

  2. Police arrested him on murder charges

  3. Can't catch ship anchor

  4. The tank holds 24 gallons

  5. The CEO still owns fifty shares of the company

  6. Bookings can be made 24 hours a day

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  8. There was a meeting in the church.

  9. He grabbed her arm

  10. Tom has some control over his father

  11. The cost of each unit varies and takes up a certain amount of space in the hold of the ship.

Synonyms of Held

leverage, keep back, assemble, authority, have in one's hand, immure, shut up, have room for, own, possess, be the owner of, sway, constrain, call, incarcerate, hold in custody, summon, take, impound, intern, lay aside, convene, influence


Meanings of Corporation:
  1. A company or group of people that is authorized as a unit (legally a person) and has such an identity legally.

Sentences of Corporation
  1. Most lenders are large companies, as well as insurance companies.

Synonyms of Corporation

group, chain, guild, trust, combine, firm, institution, agency, office, house, conglomerate, business, organization, bureau, multinational, concern, consortium, federation, syndicate, company