Private Ruling

Private Ruling,

What is The Definition of Private Ruling?

  1. Tax administration decisions for a taxpayer, usually for a single transaction or series of transactions. As a rule, decisions can only be made by the taxpayer who receives the decision and not by other taxpayers and the tax administration, provided all relevant facts are disclosed.

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Meanings of Private:
  1. A lower-ranking soldier, specifically a U.S. Army or Marine Corps soldier, is classified as a first-class soldier.

  2. Summary for private party

  3. Belong to a particular person or group of people.

  4. (A person) who does not hold a public or public function or position.

  5. (Service or industry) provided or owned by an independent individual or company, not the government.

Sentences of Private
  1. In 1980, he joined the army and initially served as a supply merchant in Germany as a young soldier.

  2. All rooms have their own bathroom.

  3. Photos are sold to private collectors

  4. Private sector research projects

Synonyms of Private

denationalized, non-public, private-enterprise, special, particular, privately owned, private soldier, commercial, privatized, non-state-controlled, personal, independent, individual, non-state-run, exclusive, common soldier, one's own


Meanings of Ruling:
  1. A reasonable decision or statement is specifically determined by the judge.

  2. He is currently in power.

Sentences of Ruling
  1. The court's decision was quashed

  2. Governing Alliance

Synonyms of Ruling

decree, resolution, injunction, sovereign, reigning, pronouncement, determination, on the throne, decision