Private Label Sales

Private Label Sales,

What Does Private Label Sales Mean?

  1. The definition of Private Label Sales is: Allow other companies to sell in your own name, not your own.

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Meanings of Private:
  1. Ranked as the lowest-ranking soldier, especially a first-class soldier in the US Army or Marine Corps.

  2. Private section summary

  3. Belong to a particular person or group of people.

  4. (A person) who does not hold a public or public function or position.

  5. Owned by an individual or company (of a service or industry) or independent of the government.

Sentences of Private
  1. He joined the army in 1980 and was initially sent to Germany as a supply trader as a young soldier.

  2. All rooms have their own bathroom.

  3. Photos are sold to private collectors

  4. Private sector research projects

Synonyms of Private

common soldier, special, privately owned, independent, non-public, privatized, one's own, exclusive, private soldier, private-enterprise, individual, non-state-controlled, commercial, personal, denationalized, non-state-run, particular


Meanings of Label:
  1. Adding tags to (something)

  2. Assignment for category, especially invalid or limited.

  3. A small piece of paper, cloth, plastic or similar material that provides information.

  4. A classification phrase or name that applies to something else, especially something that is incorrect or binding.

  5. A narrow horizontal band, usually three projections downwards, puts an older son on the coat of arms in a father's life.

  6. Another term for fall

Sentences of Label
  1. Label the package correctly, capitalize the address

  2. Critics call him a loser

  3. The contents of the wines are clearly indicated on the label.

  4. My reluctance to label myself a politician

Synonyms of Label

denomination, chitty, description, characterization, characterize, classify, stamp, ticket, put stickers on, put labels on, identify, docket, designate, tag, sticker, tab, chit, identification, marker, designation, describe, attach labels to, flag, categorize, mark, class


Meanings of Sales:
  1. Exchanging goods for money, selling something.

  2. The store or retailer sells products at a time-long discount.

Sentences of Sales
  1. We give up selling

  2. January sales will begin this week

Synonyms of Sales

vending, deal, bargain, selling, disposal, transaction