Private enterprise

Private enterprise,

Definition of Private enterprise:

  1. The foundation of the capitalist free market system is an established business entity, owned by individuals and not by the government or its entities.

  2. Companies or sectors managed by non-state owned companies or individuals.

Synonyms of Private enterprise

Commercial, Non-public, Non-state-controlled, Privatized, Independent, Private-enterprise, Denationalized, Non-state-run

How to use Private enterprise in a sentence?

  1. It's a private business and I really like it because places like this are always growing and improving.
  2. If you want to stay one step ahead of private companies, you can try to adopt private companies faster than other companies.
  3. If you think things will get better in the long run, you may want to take it personally.
  4. Explosion in the private sector.

Meaning of Private enterprise & Private enterprise Definition