Private carrier

Private carrier,

Definition of Private carrier:

  1. Firm that uses its transportation equipment (aircraft, ships, and/or trucks) primarily for transporting its own goods.

  2. Private carrier refers to a company that owns the vehicles used to transport its own goods. A private carrier does not transport goods as its primary business and, thus, does not seek to transport the goods of other companies like a common carrier does. In this sense, a private carrier is not a for-hire carrier and does not carry the goods of other companies as its primary business.

  3. Semi-trailer trucks are the most common method of transport associated with private carriers, though large businesses may also operate their own aircraft, railcars or ships as part of their supply chain management. The composition of a private carrier fleet depends on the types of goods the company deals in and the destinations that it ships to. .

How to use Private carrier in a sentence?

  1. A private carrier refers to a company that owns the vehicles used to transport its own goods.
  2. There are a wide variety of reasons a company may opt to be a private carrier and invest in its own transportation fleet.

Meaning of Private carrier & Private carrier Definition

Private Carrier,

Definition of Private Carrier:

  • Private Carrier definition is: Freight carrier that transports its goods in a motor vehicle to establish its company or trading company in the scope of international or international trade. Private operators have to abide by the various rules and regulations of the states in which they operate.

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Meanings of Private:
  1. Owned or used by a particular person or group of people.

  2. (Someone) who has no government or public function or position.

  3. (Service or industry) provided or owned by an independent individual or company, not the government.

  4. A low-ranking soldier, especially someone who has joined the United States Army or Marine Corps and is a First Class Soldier.

  5. Private parties mean

Sentences of Private
  1. All bedrooms have their own bathroom

  2. Photos sold to private collectors

  3. Private sector research projects

  4. He joined the army in 1980 and was sent to Germany for the first time as a young soldier as a public service worker.

Synonyms of Private

personal, one's own, individual, particular, special, exclusive, privately owned, independent, non-state-controlled, non-state-run, privatized, denationalized, non-public, commercial, private-enterprise, private soldier, common soldier


Meanings of Carrier:
  1. The person or company that transports goods or people in a professional manner.

  2. People or animals that transmit pathogenic organisms to other people. Generally, the user has no symptoms of the disease.

  3. Substances are used to load or transport other substances, such as oils, catalysts or radioactive substances.

Sentences of Carrier
  1. Water lifter

Synonyms of Carrier

bearer, conveyor, transporter