Definition of Prior:

  1. Attend or before the time, order or importance.

  2. Previous criminal punishment.

  3. Some time ago. Some time ago. In many homes, children need to do their homework before watching TV or playing on the computer. After reading this remarkable statement, he realized that his previous beliefs were no longer valid.

Synonyms of Prior

Ex, Preceding, Then, Until, Advance, Olden, Earlier, Ci-devant, Forward, Headmost, Previous to, Sometime, Immemorial, Erstwhile, Initial, Preparatory, Foremost, Prior to, Antecedent, Inaugural, Preliminary, Foregoing, Prefatory, Last, First, Anticipatory, Till, Before, Older, Ahead, Chief, Prelusive, Early, Ancient, Past, Initiatory, Propaedeutic, Previous, Latest, Prevenient, Recent, Precursory, Fore, Foregoing, Anterior, Former, Quondam, Preexistent, Senior, Antecedent, Earlier, Preparatory, Onetime, Once, Leading, Previous, Late, Preliminary, Exordial, Precedent, Elder, Whilom, Heading, Preludial, Precessional, Primitive, Precurrent, Primeval, Prehistoric, Preceding, Old, Proemial, Prime

How to use Prior in a sentence?

  1. I'm getting engaged tonight.

Meaning of Prior & Prior Definition

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