Definition of Printer:

  1. A person whose job or business is commercial printing.

  2. External device that communicates with another digital device to print what a user sees on a screen. Printers use small pixels to transfer an image from the system to another surface. Ink jet and laser printers are the most commonly used varieties of this device, and are most commonly hooked up to a personal computer. Some printers only print in black and white, but most include a color option as well.

Synonyms of Printer

Linotyper, Apprentice printer, Bibliognost, Bibliographer, Biblioklept, Bibliolater, Bibliomane, Bibliomaniac, Bibliopegist, Bibliophage, Bibliophile, Bibliopole, Bibliopolist, Bibliotaph, Bibliothec, Bibliothecaire, Bibliothecary, Book agent, Book collector, Book printer, Book publisher, Book salesman, Book-stealer, Bookbinder, Bookdealer, Booklover, Bookmaker, Bookman, Bookseller, Bookworm, Cataloger, Chief librarian, College editor, Composing room, Compositor, Copy editor, Curator, Devil, Dictionary editor, Editor, Editor-in-chief, Electrotyper, Executive editor, Juvenile editor, Keyboarder, Librarian, Library director, Makeup man, Managing editor, Permissions editor, Philobiblist, Press, Pressman, Pressroom, Printing office, Printshop, Production editor, Proofer, Proofroom, Publisher, Publishers, Publishing house, Reference editor, Reference librarian, Stereotyper, Stoneman, Textbook editor, Trade editor, Typesetter, Typist, Typographer

How to use Printer in a sentence?

  1. John brought a new computer and decided to buy a bulk package which included a laser printer so he can print all his documents.
  2. Professor Johnson made it clear that each student must use a color printer to ensure that the graphs in their reports were legible.
  3. My printer was not working last night so I had to call a friend to send him the file and he could give me the printed paper the next day.
  4. Their success brought so much business to the printers that they were unable to cope with the demand.

Meaning of Printer & Printer Definition

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What is PRINTER?

PRINTER means: One of the many types of data processing output devices that can generate data from a computer that can be read by the human eye.

Meanings of PRINTER

  1. The person whose job or business is commercial printing.

Sentences of PRINTER

  1. Success has brought many companies to print that they are unable to meet demand.



  • One of the many types of data processing output devices that can extract data from a computer that can be read by the human eye.


How To Define PRINTER?

The definition of PRINTER is: Data processing is one of the many types of output devices that can extract data from a computer that can be read by the human eye.