Definition of Principles:

  1. Basic truths or phrases that serve as the basis of a belief or practice system, or chain of reasoning.

  2. The source or basic basis of something.

  3. General scientific or legal suggestions that have many specific uses for a wide range of purposes.

  4. Standards, rules or essential values ​​that represent being desirable and positive for an individual, group, organization or society and help determine the legitimacy or illegitimacy of their actions. Principles are more fundamental than guiding principles and goals and must be governed by both. See also start.

Synonyms of Principles

Postulate, Concept, Proposition, Idea, Truth, Theory

How to use Principles in a sentence?

  1. Physics has a great advantage here, because the ability to draw interesting conclusions from general principles was shown earlier in physics than in other sciences.
  2. Steve considers himself a man of principles, but his uncontrollable gambling addiction soon leads him to steal money, which is against his basic sense of right and wrong.
  3. I believe that honesty and openness are the two most important principles that my parents taught me to grow in any kind of relationship.
  4. The basic principle of justice.
  5. Steve considers himself a man of principles, but his uncontrollable gambling addiction soon leads him to steal money, which is against his basic sense of right and wrong.

Meaning of Principles & Principles Definition

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