Principles In Selecting Instructional Media Pdf

Principles In Selecting Instructional Media Pdf

What are the starting points for choosing the teaching material?

| Principles of choice of educational media

  • The good principle. IM must be university or complementary to the study program.
  • The principle of authenticity. IM must provide accurate, current and reliable information.
  • Cost principle. Replacement should be considered first.
  • Principle of interest.
  • Principle of organization and balance.

In a nutshell, what are the criteria for selecting the teaching material?

The teaching material should be appropriate for the age, emotional and social development and knowledge level of the students for whom the material is selected. c) The teaching material should be varied in difficulty, appeal to the reader and reflect different points of view.

Do you also know what the teaching material should contain?

Learning materials are the content or information conveyed in a course. This includes lessons, lessons, manuals, multimedia components, and other resources in a course.

So what is the teaching material?

There are many types of teaching materials, but some of the most commonly used are traditional resources, graphic organizers, and teacher-created resources. Traditional sources are textbooks and workbooks. They are useful tools for introducing new concepts that your students may find difficult.

What are the benefits of teaching materials?

Some of the benefits of educational materials that I have discovered over the decades include: Ability to serve as a current and future reference material. Assignment tools and study materials can be viewed on a server for quick access or when needed.

What are the characteristics of a good MLT?

Some characteristics of good learning materials are: 1) The learning materials are large enough to be seen by the students for whom they are used. 2) Learning resources are meaningful and always serve a useful purpose. 3) The teaching resources are updated in every possible way.

What is the best teaching material in education?

TEACHER IS THE BEST TEACHING MATERIAL Lessons are a complete package, it is true that the teacher is the best teaching material because the teacher leads the class.

What factors should you consider when choosing a teaching method?

Consider these five factors when choosing classroom technology:

What are study materials for?

Study materials are materials that a teacher uses to facilitate teaching. They include both visual and audiovisual aids and may or may not be specific. These learning resources bring learning to life by encouraging students to learn.

Why do we need to prepare teaching materials?

Study materials are important as they can greatly improve student performance by supporting student learning. This process facilitates the learning process by allowing the student to explore knowledge independently and offer repetition.

How do you develop the teaching materials?

Organize your learning goals according to the three learning areas - cognitive, affective and psychomotor - and try to set goals for demonstrable skills and behaviors.

What are the teaching materials?

Teaching material, also called teaching / teaching material (TLM), is a collection of material, consisting of animate and inanimate objects, as well as human and non-human resources, that a teacher can use in emergency situations.

How important is the class?

The practice of aligning learning with standards also helps ensure a higher level of learning, guides teachers through the assessment process and helps them stay on track. Standards-based teaching helps plan, implement and evaluate student learning.

How important are educational media?

Course materials support learning content, enable students to apply concepts, and provide assessment opportunities. They are intended to make it easier for the student to understand. These documents provide a wealth of knowledge on all topics and provide solid, fact-based information.

What examples of teaching aids are there?

Learning resources include everything from printed materials such as textbooks to non-bookable resources such as the examples provided, as well as premises (space), time and staff. All this is found inside the walls of a school and outside the walls of the church.

What is visual learning material?

Study materials are materials that help teachers make lessons meaningful for students. The educational material includes both visual and audiovisual material such as images, flash cards, posters, diagrams, tape recorders, radio, video, television, computers, among others.

What teaching methods are there?

Teaching methods are types of teaching methods or activities used to guide learning at each stage of the teaching process.

Principles In Selecting Instructional Media Pdf