Principal Sum

Principal Sum,

Definition of Principal Sum:

  1. Definition of Principal Sum: Flat fees are paid in case of accidental death and in some cases accidental deductions.

  2. The definition of Principal Sum is: AD&D insurance limits, which are paid within 90 days after the accident in case of death of the insured.

  3. Definition of Principal Sum: In the case of life and health insurance, the amount paid is in the event of accidental death and, in some cases, in the case of accidental deductions. When a contract provides for accidental death benefits and accidental deductions, each distorted benefit is equal to or equal to the principal's share.

  4. Definition of Principal Sum: Accidental deduction in case of accidental death and in some cases, payment of one acre.

Literal Meanings of Principal Sum


Meanings of Principal:
  1. First, in terms of importance.

  2. (Amount) represents the amount actually invested or borrowed.

  3. A person who holds a high position or the most important position in an organization, institution or group.

  4. Loans or investments and interest paid.

  5. The person for whom the other person acts as a representative or agent.

  6. The person directly responsible for the crime.

  7. The main beam that supports Tuesday.

  8. The stopping organ plays the open pipe master record, usually an octave above the scale.

Sentences of Principal
  1. Major cities of the country

  2. Significant value of your investment

  3. A San Francisco-based design company

  4. Winners receive interest without affecting customers

  5. A Tokyo agent acts more like an agent than a director

  6. Difficulty usually involves words or actions before the client's offense.

  7. Agriculture begins under the plate up to the crust.

  8. All rules are included in the manual

Synonyms of Principal

capital sum, managing director, predominant, chairman, leading, chief executive, ruler, chairwoman, manager, financial resources, controller, dominant, boss, working capital, MD, most prominent, primary, prominent, main, employer, chief, director, CEO, foremost


Meanings of Sum:
  1. The amount of money.

  2. A total number that comes from two or more numbers, quantities, or combinations of elements.

  3. Math problems, especially at elementary level.

  4. Find the quantity (two or more quantities)

Sentences of Sum
  1. They can't pay that kind of money

  2. A combination of two prime numbers

  3. If you make a buzz, the effect will not be so good

  4. If we add these equations, we get x.

Synonyms of Sum

count, gross, work out, calculation, determine, summation, evaluate, assess, grand total, tally, sum, enumerate, quantify, problem, calculate, reckon, volume, sum total, put a figure on, question, aggregate, reckoning