Principal Place Of Business

Principal Place Of Business,

How Do You Define Principal Place Of Business?

  1. A simple definition of Principal Place Of Business is: A place where one does most of the business.

Literal Meanings of Principal Place Of Business


Meanings of Principal:
  1. The person who has the highest authority or the most important position in an organization, institution or group.

  2. The amount borrowed or invested with the payment of interest.

  3. The person for whom the other person acts as a representative or agent.

  4. The individual is directly responsible for the crime.

  5. The main beam that supports Tuesday.

  6. The stopping organ plays the central entry of the open pipe, usually an active one above the scale.

  7. First, in terms of importance.

  8. (Amount) represents the amount actually invested or borrowed.

Sentences of Principal
  1. A San Francisco-based design company

  2. Winners receive interest without affecting customers

  3. An agent in Tokyo acts like an agent

  4. Difficulty usually involves words or actions before the client commits a crime.

  5. Agriculture starts from the base of the slab to the top.

  6. All rules are included in the manual

  7. Major cities of the country

  8. Significant value of your investment

Synonyms of Principal

capital, MD, leading, chief executive, working capital, CEO, most prominent, director, ruler, chairwoman, financial resources, capital funds, first, leader, most important, manager, dominant, head, president, controller, chairman, chief executive officer, chief, predominant, employer, main, prominent


Meanings of Place:
  1. Put yourself in a special place.

  2. Search for home or work.

  3. Identify or categorize specific categories or positions in an order or classification.

  4. A special place or point in space.

  5. Description of available space or space used by a person.

  6. Positions in a sequence or series, positions are usually ranked by merit.

  7. A place or path (in the name of a place)

Sentences of Place
  1. A newspaper was placed near my plate

  2. Children are placed with foster parents

  3. In research, the company ranks 13th

  4. The monastery is a peaceful place

  5. He ran to the table

  6. His score put him in ninth place

  7. Our new restaurant is located at Hillroad Place

Synonyms of Place

settle, put down, find a job for, put in order, group, class, site, arrange, spot, chair, classify, station, location, set, stow, put, setting, grade, set down, leave, area, plant, deposit, point, sort


Meanings of Of:
  1. Expresses the relationship between the partial and the whole.

  2. Express the relationship between scale and size and value.

  3. Indicates an association between two entities, usually an association.

  4. It shows the relationship between the address and the reference point.

  5. Express the relationship between a general type or type and the specific items that fall into this category.

  6. An indication of a substance or substance from which something is formed.

Synonyms of Of

caused by, in, of, carried out by, made by, by, done by, from


Meanings of Business:
  1. A person who has a habit of work, employment or business.

  2. The custom of making a living by trading.

  3. A matter or series of events, usually embarrassing or embarrassing.

  4. Various dialogue steps taken by the actors.

  5. Rude and feisty verbal criticism.

Sentences of Business
  1. He will keep smiling a lot in his business

  2. Jewelry trade

Synonyms of Business

set of circumstances, experience, dealing, position, thing, occupation, incident, circumstance, buying and selling, interlude, sphere, occasion, marketing, employment, merchandising, eventuality, commerce, trading, trade, trafficking, job, adventure, line, matter, profession, episode, career