Primrose Vs Montessori

Primrose Vs Montessori

Primrose and Montessori. What is the best speech and why? 3

Interesting question and difficult to answer.

There are many misconceptions about Montessori, some of which have been revealed in other posters. Simply put, Montessori is not just for kids who are motivated. Yes, it works well for children, but a good Montessori school will instill confidence and motivation in most children. A recent scientific study by Angelin Laylard, published in the Journal of Science, confirms this.

As far as Montessori vs Primroses is concerned, well I had never heard of Primroses so I did some internet research. Nothing but promotional material. I found out that they started their program in 2001 and became a franchise in 2006. They claim that their program is recognized by organizations such as CITA, SACS CASI and NCACASI and that this prestigious organization has been recognized as a gold standard in the evaluation of schools and colleges. More than 100 years. However, CITA was founded in 1994, and SACS ALMOST and NCACASI were founded in 2006. Sure, the NCA has been around for over 100 years, but I think they are deliberately misleading the public that these are all old and prestigious awards. Only my strict opinion above.

I think the lack of personal antidote, analysis and written statements is that they don't exist long enough for people to form an opinion about them for better or worse. The programs they offer on their website seem to be child-centered, but with standards and expectations, but also on a commercial website.

The fact that they are franchises shows that the program is controlled and that each school must meet certain standards. I see this as a big plus, you shouldn't find a school that says Primrose doesn't follow their curriculum, that's a definite problem for Montessori schools. On the other hand, the fact that they are a franchise means that they intend to make money and sometimes it can be against the best interests of the child. However, I would be lying if I said that there is no Montessori school whose main purpose is to make money.

See what I mean, nothing is as simple as we want it to be.

My suggestion is to read the English Laylards article on Montessori and then go to a Montessori and Primrose school in your area. See which one you like the most. The one that looks the most ready, high and efficient. Talk to parents and teachers of all philosophy graduates, regardless of philosophy or school. (Don't ask them to compare their philosophy with others, they may not know and understand other philosophies and the information they provide may be mere rumors.)

One last step. On the Primrose website, he says 90% of his graduates perform better than the national average in exams. I have no reason to doubt this statement, but since Primrose is a private, low-income child who does not receive any awards, this statement is also very misleading. To be truly accurate and meaningful, they need to compare their results with programs with similar socio-economic structures.

Feel free to email me and tell me what you decided and why. I have always been interested in educating people.

What is said about Montessori is true, it is not suitable for all children. Are you talking about Scol, the Primrose Scol franchise? One of the major benefits of primrose schools is that they lock the whole house in the street to protect children from harm. They also kept the teacher outside to prevent him from seeing the child. Both seem like good ideas ... but each has its downsides. The first does not allow the teacher to adapt the home to their lesson plans or the students' personal needs, such as having a science center at the center during an ice ride. Or did you know that kids like Lego and therefore move the center of the block to a better location near the door? The other is a large room with no furniture in the middle, which is why most children run away like crazy. Primrose's curriculum is very good and its teachers are well paid, so the teacher business is small. Depending on the principal or his team, every school can be good or bad. It is best to visit a school in your area that has received voluntary approval. You will also find a list of questions to ask and what to look for when visiting the website.

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Montessori schools allow children to be very independent. Our daughter loves it and we love it, but it's not for everyone. For example, I know that regardless of the level of ADD, they do not thrive in the Montessori environment. (But don't expect a student to tell you!) I guess it depends on your personality and why you find it challenging. Do you think he will perform better with more consistency, structure and principles or does he want to set the pace?

I don't know what primroses are, but Montessori is good for curious and enthusiastic students ... not so good for enthusiastic or just learning learners ... guess students find a school that Be in tune with their learning style.

Primrose Vs Montessori