Prime mover

Prime mover,

Definition of Prime mover:

  1. A person or establishment that is chiefly responsible for the creation or execution of a plan or project.

  2. Device that imparts power or motion to another device such as a turbine that turns a generator, or an engine or motor that powers a drive train.

Synonyms of Prime mover

Abettor, Actor, Actuator, Agent, Ancestors, Animator, Apprentice, Architect, Artificer, Artist, Author, Begetter, Beginner, Builder, Cajoler, Catalyst, Causer, Coax, Coaxer, Conceiver, Constructor, Craftsman, Creator, Designer, Deviser, Discoverer, Doer, Effector, Encourager, Energizer, Engenderer, Engineer, Executant, Executor, Executrix, Fabricator, Father, Firer, Founder, Gadfly, Galvanizer, Generator, Grower, Impeller, Inaugurator, Inducer, Industrialist, Initiator, Inspirer, Instigator, Institutor, Introducer, Inventor, Journeyman, Maker, Manufacturer, Master, Master craftsman, Medium, Mother, Mover, Moving spirit, Operant, Operative, Operator, Organizer, Originator, Parent, Past master, Performer, Perpetrator, Persuader, Planner, Pleader, Practitioner, Precursor, Primum mobile, Producer, Prompter, Raiser, Realizer, Shaper, Sire, Smith, Spark, Spark plug, Sparker, Stimulator, Subject, Tempter, Wheedler, Worker, Wright, Originator, Author, Creator, Instigator, Founder, Father, Mother, Founding father, Prime mover

How to use Prime mover in a sentence?

  1. She was a prime mover in the creation of her sports ruling body, the Womens Tennis Association, and the creation of a professional tour in 1970.

Meaning of Prime mover & Prime mover Definition