Definition of Primary:

  1. (Organic compounds) whose active groups are on carbon atoms that are not connected to each other by more carbon atoms.

  2. Refers to the input side of a device that uses electromagnetic induction, especially in transformers.

  3. Basic or Pleozoic era.

  4. As soon as possible or okay.

  5. The ancient name of Pelizuk.

  6. The most important for capital.

  7. First in terms of interests. See also secondary, tertiary and primary industries.

  8. Select candidates for major elections, including the Area Code or presidential election, to nominate delegates to party conventions (in the United States).

  9. Not born of other real things.

  10. A basic color.

  11. Regarding the education of children between the ages of five and ten.

  12. (In the United States) In contrast (holders of political office) in the primary used by the party to select its candidates for the general election.

Synonyms of Primary

Autochthonous, Inchoate, Homespun, Major, Radical, Original, Head, Ur, Primary color, Frontal, Solar spectrum, Predominant, Pure and simple, Supreme, Runoff, Crowning, Spare, Direct primary, Direct, Full color, Constituent, Paramount, Metamer, Munsell scale, Incunabular, Sovereign, Spectrum color, Star, Cardinal, Principal, Unimitated, Earliest, Headmost, Ruling, Cardinal, Material, Great, Abecedarian, Central, Initiative, Dominant, Natal, Chromatic spectrum, Fundamental colors, Indivisible, First, Pure, Color mixture curve, Earliest, Fundamental, Irreducible, Procreative, Prenatal, Initiatory, Referendum, Undifferenced, Highest, Embryonic, Capital, In the bud, Nonpartisan primary, Primordial, Uncluttered, Main, Prime, Prime, Stellar, Inaugural, Of a piece, Caucus, Rudimentary, Gestatory, Color spectrum, Monolithic, Aboriginal, First, Topmost, Gut, Premier, Parturient, Basic, Maiden, Principal, Dominant, Complementary color, Anterior, Inchoative, Stark, Optional primary, Controlling, Banner, Unreproduced, Chromatic circle, In ovo, Champion, Key, Introductory, Prototypal, Beginning, Leading, Mandatory primary, First, Master, Beginning, Prevailing, Austere, All-absorbing, Color cycle, Bare, Maxwell triangle, Supreme, Color system, Unmixed, Tertiary, Partisan election, Seminal, Ultimate, Supereminent, Demitint, Immediate, Chief, Tertiary color, Simple, Ranking, Chromaticity diagram, Pioneer, Hegemonic, Primogenial, Pre-eminent, Forehand, Rudimental, Incipient, Protogenic, Initial, Foundational, Inceptive, Forward, Infant, Budding, Fetal, Substantial, Primeval, Presidential election, Basal, Spectral color, Color circle, Master, In its infancy, Arch, Color triangle, Runoff election, Bottom, Uppermost, Preference primary, Unadorned, Overriding, Congressional election, Pregnant, Formative, Focal, General election, Primary election, Pristine, Ab ovo, Germinal, Central, Homogeneous, Overruling, Secondary, Plain, Overriding, Genetic, Creative, Unprecedented, Single, Preponderant, Color index, By-election, Halftone, Presidential primary, Pure color, Crucial, Inventive, Color solid, Underlying, Runoff primary, Severe, Elemental, Contested election, Uniform, Foremost, Most important, Substantive, Foremost, Topflight, Paramount, Initial, Original, Elementary, Preeminent, Firsthand, In embryo, Antenatal, Predominant, Chaste, Ultimate, Fore, Magisterial, Spectrum, Infantile, Unduplicated, Front, Open primary, Unadulterated, Secondary color, Homely, Nascent, Underived, Constitutive, Simon-pure, Of the essence, Election, Mere, Postnatal, Essential, Uncopied, Undifferentiated, Generative, Basilar, Presidential preference primary, Main, Primitive, Primal, Ruling, Closed primary, Half tint, Chief, Hue cycle, Monochrome, Unexampled

How to use Primary in a sentence?

  1. In lubrication, the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow, not green.
  2. Primary school
  3. First, the primary or primary stone, then the secondary stone, and then the olive or sedimentary stone.
  4. His professional approach to primary and secondary literature is evident on every page.
  5. These two pins form the main direction of the transformer.
  6. Its main purpose is to save the troops, all other goals are at the second place in the agenda, which puts it at the top of the list.
  7. After graduating from college, my main goal was to get a degree in finance from a large company in the Boston metropolitan area.
  8. These two Republicans could easily win their playbook.
  9. Your biggest reason here is to take care of your home and keep it clean when I'm out of town.
  10. Central thinking
  11. The government's main goal is to significantly reduce unemployment.
  12. The first step in your political education.

Meaning of Primary & Primary Definition

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