Primary Use (auto)

Primary Use (auto),

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Literal Meanings of Primary Use (auto)


Meanings of Primary:
  1. The most important for capital.

  2. The oldest in time or order.

  3. Not inherited, based on reason or something else that is original.

  4. (Organic compounds) whose active groups are on carbon atoms that are not connected to each other by more carbon atoms.

  5. It refers to or relates to organisms that use photosynthesis to make organic compounds from common substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

  6. Refers to or labels the input side of a device that uses electromagnetic induction, especially in transformers.

  7. Old term for old language

  8. Area codes for nominating delegates to party conventions (in the United States) or for selecting candidates for key elections, including presidential elections.

  9. A basic color.

  10. Basic or Pleozoic era.

  11. (In the United States) In contrast (in a political position) in the current election the party uses its candidates to select candidates.

Sentences of Primary
  1. The government's main goal is to significantly reduce unemployment.

  2. The first stage of his political education

  3. Its arrangement of primary and secondary literary experts is clear on all pages

  4. Basic wine

  5. Organic matter consists of primary producers, such as plants and plankton.

  6. These two pins form the main direction of the transformer.

  7. First ancient or primary rocks, then secondary and finally jolug or tertiary rocks.

  8. These two Republicans could easily win their playbook

  9. In lubrication, the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow, not green.

  10. I am not running for president and no one can do that unless we lose the White House.

Synonyms of Primary

overriding, major, first, ruling, paramount, principal, chief, main, pre-eminent, prime, foremost, ultimate, predominant, central, dominant, master, supreme, beginning, initial, most important, original, key, cardinal, earliest


Meanings of Use:
  1. Take (retain) or implement (something) to achieve an end goal or a workable outcome

  2. Take or use limited stock (lots).

  3. Explain actions or facts that have been repeated or existed in the past.

  4. Meeting or knowing someone or something from experience.

  5. We want to take advantage of that.

  6. The process of using a situation for a purpose or purpose.

  7. The value or use of something.

  8. Regular drug use.

  9. Rituals and liturgy of the Christian church or diocese.

Sentences of Use
  1. He used his key to open the front door

  2. We use all available resources

  3. This is a dirt road

  4. He always got what he wanted

  5. Modern trains are already running

Synonyms of Use

dissipate, draw on, manoeuvring, waste, gain, get through, consume, operation, work, manipulation, avail, find a use for, put into service, expend, implement, motive, aim, practise, object, wield, value, purpose


Meanings of Auto:
  1. A basket

  2. Automatic abbreviation (name means 3)

Synonyms of Auto

machine, motor, automobile