Primary sector

Primary sector,

Definition of Primary sector:

  1. The industries engaged in production or extraction of natural resources such as crops, oil, and ores.

  2. The sector of the economy concerned with or relating to primary industry.

How to use Primary sector in a sentence?

  1. Often, the primary sector receives the most government subsidies, since squeezing the primary sector also puts pressure on all other sectors.
  2. You need to know if your product will be a part of the primary sector and if so figure out how to market it correctly.
  3. I worked in the primary sector and was in charge of a few things and I had a lot of pressure on me.
  4. While it may very well be the case that Alberta is not near the limits of its development in the primary sector, the primary sector alone is vulnerable to fluctuations in world prices, making it unsuitable to base an entire economy upon.

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