Primary research

Primary research,

Definition of Primary research:

  1. Experiments, investigations, or tests carried out to acquire data first-hand, rather than being gathered from published sources.

How to use Primary research in a sentence?

  1. The scientist decided to do some primary research because he felt the data recovered would be much more reliable to the public.
  2. The primary research was presented first to the board as we decided it was most useful in making an informed decision.
  3. In order to accurately predict the popularity of a product in development, a company should conduct their own primary research , rather than relying on past statistics of similar productions.

Meaning of Primary research & Primary research Definition

Primary Research,

How To Define Primary Research?

Primary Research can be defined as, Also called field research. Collection of new or basic data through questionnaires, telephone interviews, etc. For a special purpose.

Literal Meanings of Primary Research


Meanings of Primary:
  1. The most important for capital.

  2. As soon as possible or okay.

  3. Not inherited, based on reason or something else that is original.

  4. (Organic compounds) whose active groups are on carbon atoms that are not connected to each other by more carbon atoms.

  5. It refers to or relates to organisms that use photosynthesis to make organic compounds from common substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

  6. Refer or label the input side of devices that use electromagnetic induction, especially in transformers.

  7. Old term for old language

  8. Area codes for nominating delegates to party conventions (in the United States) or for selecting candidates for key elections, including presidential elections.

  9. A basic color.

  10. Basic or Pleozoic era.

  11. (In the United States) In contrast (in a political position) in the current election the party uses its candidates to select candidates.

Sentences of Primary
  1. The government's main goal is to significantly reduce unemployment.

  2. The first stage of his political education

  3. Its arrangement of primary and secondary literary experts is clear on all pages

  4. Basic wine

  5. Organic matter consists of primary producers, such as plants and plankton.

  6. These two pins form the main direction of the transformer.

  7. First, there are primary or primary rocks, then secondary rocks and then olive or tertiary rocks.

  8. These two Republicans could easily win their playbook

Synonyms of Primary

main, chief, key, prime, central, principal, foremost, first, most important, predominant, paramount, overriding, major, ruling, dominant, master, supreme, cardinal, pre-eminent, ultimate


Meanings of Research:
  1. Study of materials and resources to establish systematic facts and draw new conclusions.

  2. Conduct systematic investigations.

Sentences of Research
  1. We fight meningitis by raising funds for medical research

  2. He spent the last five years researching the history of his people

Synonyms of Research

investigation, experimentation, testing, exploration, analysis, fact-finding, examination, scrutiny, scrutinization, probing, investigate, conduct investigations into, study, inquire into, make inquiries into, look into, probe, explore, analyse, examine, scrutinize, inspect, review, assess